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    Originally posted by DuSTman View Post
    If Gordboy posts again, the puppy dies.
    Poor Foo-foo.


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      Wow just wow!

      The nerve of the OP to post such a thread. Seems stuff like this is what drives developers away as they can't seem to please everyone. I for one is grateful there are honest hardworking devs who slave away at creating software that's free as in beer and yet there are a lot of vociferous complainers such as the OP to create drama.

      @agd5f: just ignore the haters...there are always haters out there ready to flame.

      Way to go gordboy, you done good with your trolling. Hope next time you get hit with the banhammer!


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        Originally posted by gordboy View Post
        Real linux users do not download git source. They do not download nightly source. They don't actually compile anything, EXCEPT THEIR OWN PROJECTS.

        They use packages supplied by their distros, and this in turn, means that there have to be RELEASES to actually package.
        If you need a recent driver this badly, why constrain yourself to only your distro packages? Even if 6.13 was pushed out tomorrow, you'd still have to wait weeks/months for it to go through your distro's release process.


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          Woooow! I'm amazed by the stupidity ...

          Originally posted by gordboy View Post
          What do you do exactly to help the project ? I could ask exactly the same question to lots of people here.
          Come on! Everyone else is irrelevant here, you are the one complaining here, not everyone else. By your answer I think I most certainly can assume you don't contribute at all, which begs the question: Why the heck do you complain? Where do you get the slightest idea that they owe you anything? The only contribution you've made is to AMD/ATI by buying a graphics card. The radeon driver is by no means an official AMD/ATI driver, so if there is anything you should consider complaining about, it would be the fglrx driver, not radeon.


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            Leave that guy simply alone and ignore him.
            IMHO everybody has a right to say what he thinks, as long as the person is not insulting anybody. I don't think he insulted anybody.
            gordboy is simply whining. I want I want I want and I want it right now. Childish behavior, being impudent, demanding.

            What he's actually doing is asking, just in a wrong, unfriendly way.


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              Originally posted by gordboy View Post
              If it were me running things, this thread would not exist. And I certainly wouldn't consider deliberately withholding releases "just to fuck with this guy".

              It sounds to me like you are a clueless n00b who thinks that a mark of expertese is the ability to use automake/autoconf/whatever when they are not even a developer.

              Real linux users do not download git source. They do not download nightly source. They don't actually compile anything, EXCEPT THEIR OWN PROJECTS.

              They use packages supplied by their distros, and this in turn, means that there have to be RELEASES to actually package.

              Anyone who cannot see this needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.

              BTW, this is getting too easy. I am single-handedly demolishing everyone one of you so-called experts, and leaving you looking like the n00b, lamer-gamer-ricer children that you are.

              NEXT !
              Dude really? real linux users dont git? LOL, Errrm maybe you mean ex windows kid users dont ...!.

              first of all, you are the kind of useless leech that sometimes make devs think twice to come to the OSS world, have you ever used your pc for anything else than download porn? you even know what a git is? you think develop a low level C/ASM project is like use visual basic?.

              i dont doubt for a second that another retarded underage kids without any sort of real knowledge about development back you up. what i can say for sure for the ppl that at least try to read the code and see if the can do something USEFUL dont want crap like you here. michael plz when you have a time ban this mofo plz.

              now to answer your first question, the driver will be released when airlied and bridgman and other really fine developers agree that the code is good enough to be released NOT WHEN SOME GOOD FOR NOTHING THINK IT SHOULD BE. beside you think they only work on the DDX for real? so you dont care about mesa or kms or drm or gallium wich actually are more needed than the ddx.

              and by last little genius all the code is heavily tied to the current kernel KMS module (did you bother in read the code at least?), so you need at least a kernel 2.6.33 or .34 to take advantage ofall good stuff in the new DDX and for now most unstable distros are keeping a backported KMS in a 2.6.32 kernel branch so even if the driver releases you will probably get a lot of issues with those kernels especially with ubuntu, so for you a real linux user who dont git, dont compile kernel and all geeky stuff, have fun morron

              and well for the obviuos you knew that beside the projects timeframe, distros have 1 too? (i know must be hard for you to understand) so if you use ubuntu for example you will have to wait until 10.10 branch is open to get a cute package of the ddx 6.13 or use PPA packages wich arent as tested as the cutie one from your distro.

              go to study, get over puberty, go college, get a girl, read the ddx code and then when you realize how extremely hard is to develop this kind of code, then and only then you can come here and post.

              if you dont like it, you have 3 options
              1. drop dead somewhere, really nobody here care if you do
              2. use fglrx
              3. use windows 7 or MAC os X (this one is prefered)
              4. any other option read below


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                Everyone ignore this troll

                If you don't know this, he with the most code wins in oss. Period.

                Don't like the current development model or the current developers - download the code, fork it and show everyone you're right. Otherwise shut up or play nice.

                I don't see a single post on this thread or your prior one supporting your viewpoint so I can only assume you're the only one with the issue and considering that none of your posts have been deleted don't claim there is an effort to silence your supporters or some other nonsense.

                Btw, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the current devs and feel that they are progressing at a reasonable rate considering the real technical challenges they face.


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                  Could you please lock and delete this thread and ban Gordboy?

                  By his own words his intent is take appart people's credibility. He also is after destabelizing development of the driver.

                  Please get us rid of this guy and his practises because it harms.

                  Thanks in advance.


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                    Oh, I think gordboy's contributions to Phoronix forums are noteworthy. His posts provide comic relief during cold and rainy days in Seattle. However, with the amount of time he has spent posting in the forums he could have packaged his own 6.13 and upgraded all his systems.


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                      Originally posted by gordboy View Post
                      I am going to keep asking this question, regular as clockwork, on the last day of each and every month, until the long-overdue and promised 6.13 driver is released :

                      When are you going to release that driver guys ?

                      Please don't add to your already bad reputation by saying "when it is ready".

                      What is the feedback from RC2 ?
                      Will there be an RC3 ?

                      Your excuse that you will not be "held to ransom" by timetables is wearing mighty thin. If you have time to piss around with other projects ("displacement activity"), then you have time to Do The Right Thing.

                      This is directly to the developers and no-one else. I am sick fed up of people sticking in their tuppence and airing their irrelevant views. And as for the violent nutjobs, well the least said about them the better ...

                      are you paying any one of them?

                      if not: shut up. Because you don't have a right to anything.