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780G/HD 3200 and cpu friendly player/backend

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  • 780G/HD 3200 and cpu friendly player/backend

    I was testing both my ION/Atom 330 system and the AMD780G/4850e system for playing the avatar video clip ( and while both systems played the video just fine, the were still a big difference in the cpu load on mandriva 2010.0. (2.6.32 based kernel)

    While "mplayer -vo vdpay" caused the cpu load of around 10% in ION system. the "mplayer" required about the 80% load from the cpu.

    Shouldn't the UVD available in the HD3200, be able to offer a similar kind of help for the cpu load than what's vdpau does for the nvidia.
    If so, should I try the mplayer/xine/totem with some launch options to gain the good playback with small cpu load.

    If needed, I can also try to build and load the newer kernel/player/backend library compination by myself, but the problem is that with the amount of possible different compinations of players and backends are so huge, that I have dropepd from the map what's going on on ATI linux driver support for UDV/UDV2.


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    your video player cannot use UVD unless it's supported by the drivers.

    There's xvba on fglrx, but it's not (yet) officially supported and requires some additional software and tweaking.

    There's no UVD support on the open source drivers, as it's unknown whether UVD documentation can be shared at all. UVD contains some mandatory copy protection stuff for blueray and the likes, which should not be endangered. Otherwise the MPAA will have a nervous breakdown and send a bunch of lawyers

    There has been enough documentation to add shader based video acceleration to the open source drivers, but nobody has done it yet.

    In other words: there's no GPU accelerated video decoding for ATI users yet.


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      What he said.

      Read this thread.

      you'll need the closed-source catalyst drivers and a patched mplayer, the way I understand it.