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AMD & Fedora, Corporate Thugs ?

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  • AMD & Fedora, Corporate Thugs ?

    No one can possibly have failed to notice the disgraceful bullying tactics employed by bridgman and airlied. Their pet dog, duby229, is now threatening to beat people to a pulp.

    It is time these idiots were removed. They should already have gone long ago, due to their total incompetence. But this latest ploy is completely unacceptable.

    I have contacted their respective employers and demanded action. It is inconceivable that they will be in post this time next week. Let us make damn sure that they NEVER get near any open source or linux project ever again.

    As for AMD and Fedora, they will wish they had never heard of linux, because I will make absolutely sure that their name is MUD.

    Boycott AMD & Fedora, the corporate bully-boy thugs.

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    Please someone ban that guy, thanks.


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      I think that this forum could use a "report post" button. It would really help to have a decent avenue to alert the management to this kind of nonsense.

      Edit: nevermind... there is one. Just didn't see it before (maybe I wasn't logged in when I looked).