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R600 Gallium3D Shader Compiler Milestone Hit

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    So if we pay people to work on the open source drivers, what does that make us ?
    o yes.. good!

    but its not ATI........ AMD buy it and chance the way to go!
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      RealNC was referring to the point that people generally complain to/about AMD if the driver development isn't moving fast enough, not the rest of the development community.

      Nearly all of the development *does* take place in public, and code generally moves into public repos as soon as we have something "lighting up" (eg the 3D code moved into public as soon as the r600demo code could reliably draw a triangle).

      The only exception I can think of is the 6xx/7xx 3D driver, where Richard leveraged some in-house diags code and we had to go through a code sanitizing exercise, but in that case we knew the code was going to be replaced with a new driver following the Gallium3D structure anyways so didn't care too much about the details.