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Catalyst 10.2 is out

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    Originally posted by Melcar View Post
    Driver also has the "new" 2D accel. method, though it's still very buggy and slow in this driver revision to be of any practical use.
    Did seriously anyone in here (except Qaridarium ) think it would be otherwise?


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      Did you really expect a WORKING driver?
      No, but from a psychological perspective whining a bit makes oneself fell better


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        Okay I will upload 10-2 now to Debian, but if AMD does not deliver a working driver for Xorg 7.5, then I think it will be excluded from our next release Squeeze at all..

        Bad bad AMD, you leave us, the Distribution Maintainers, alone in a dark corner :/

        nvidia is delivering a working driver since "ages", that is a bad press on Linux for you guys.


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          Originally posted by Melcar View Post
          Anyway, the driver does not work with KDE4 desktop effects; guess they never fixed the issue.
          funny, just today I decided to give KDE4.4 a spin, and whatdoyaknow, it works (HD5770, 10.1).

          won't try 10.2 before the official release though.


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            I'm testing this new release under Ubuntu 9.10 and compiz segfaults, specially if you load another GLX app and then close it like glxgears.

            No need to add nopat anymore for CAL.


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              With this 10.2 my kwin (kde's composite ;P) gives nothing more than black screen with mouse cursor on it...
              Without kwin everything seems to work good - 3d acceleration also.
              Darn - kwin worked on my 4850 for months...

              did you notice anything new with this new 10.2? Will you make some changes in your building script?
              The only difference that i can see are missing libfglrx_tvout libs, and some files names changes for ubuntu... heh...
              I guess i must to search more deeply for some building changes... maybe theres new symlink or something.

              Archlinux x86_64 hd4850


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                I did not notice any required package fixes in my script, the packages build. I updated my script with the 2 additional pci ids before my first post in this thread already. xvba has wrong colors as usual, did not test much more. crap as usual


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                  10.2 makes me sad.


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                    BTW: there is a nice comment in packages/Ubuntu/dists/sources/rules:

                    #they don't provide the symlink for us (starting at 8.699)
                    dh_link -p$(PKG_driver) usr/lib32/ usr/lib32/



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                      The Site just updated with the official goes nothing