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    Lack of context

    I take strong exception to the lack of context around Eric's quote. We do care about our users; the main thrust of the quote is around hardware support for old distributions. This is a tough problem for any OS or driver vendor. Microsoft and Apple don't generally provide support for very new hardware in very old releases, and for good reason: it's very expensive. In the Linux world I think we do a better job, but we still have to draw the line somewhere. The support and maintenance for new hardware burden increases exponentially with the age of the distro targeted, so we typically only provide new hardware support in the last released version of any given distro (though we work with distros to backport to older releases as well).

    From what I understand, Luc's presentation was offensive (repeatedly yelling at Eric and making obscene gestures). And judging by the slides didn't look particularly useful (more a solution in search of a problem), so maybe I shouldn't take it so seriously. But still, I thought I should clarify things so Eric's statement wasn't misinterpreted.