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Jerome's Radeon KMS Short-Term TODO List

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  • Jerome's Radeon KMS Short-Term TODO List

    Phoronix: Jerome's Radeon KMS Short-Term TODO List

    After the earlier X talks today and then Luc's debated Linux graphics driver stack proposal (largely between he and Eric Anholt and Daniel Stone with conflicting views, but at least Intel admitting "there's a subset of users we care about and a subset we don't"), Jerome Glisse began talking about ATI Radeon kernel mode-setting and its current state. While most that read Phoronix regularly know the direction of Radeon KMS support for the coming releases, below is Jerome's short-term TODO list for the ATI kernel support. Coming up in the Radeon DRM for the Linux 2.6.34 kernel (or releases thereafter) is support for un-mappable VRAM, support for Evergreen GPUs (Radeon HD 5000 "R800" series), use of the Linux power management API for better suspend-and-resume support, better DRM power management, HDMI audio for R700/800 graphics processors, and improved GPU lock-up recording. Other plans on the code side include better fence for improved lock-up detection, using union to separate ASIC specific data, and better message prints for multi-GPU configurations. The most common kernel mode-setting problems these days for ATI Radeon customers is coming down to mode detection issues, PLL issues on laptops with Mobility Radeon parts, ACPI/BIOS interaction problems, memory fragmentation, command submission issues, and GPU lock-ups...

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    So is the DRM "done" for OpenGL on R600,R700 now?

    Does this mean that more complete OpenGL support is just down to Mesa these days, and that the remaining DRM work is bug-fixing?


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      Sounds good


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        looks like ati linux situation is getting more and more interesting year by year, and it doesn't seem to change.


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          Any chance to see some dates on that report ?


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            When can we expect most of these changes to be complete ? What else is left for ATI in order to get full support as is on Windows (like Intel has now) ?


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              HDMI audio on R700/800 would be nice.


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                Originally posted by wswartzendruber View Post
                HDMI audio on R700/800 would be nice.
                I don't have any HDMI tv to test it, but on my wife's laptop, that has a Radeon Mobility 4570, the HDMI output is indeed recognised and appears even in the Pulseaudio's outputs. This with Fedora 12 x86_64...


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                  But MANY ppl on irc report that HDMI Audio is not working.

                  Then one think is ugly that the Output order is different.

                  FGLRX: DVI-0 DVI-1
                  radeon UMS: DVI-0 DVI-1
                  Windows: DVI-0 DVI-1
                  radeon kms DVI-1 DVI-0

                  so and if you now has an Dual Boot with Windows and other Systems ( Linux with UMS or *BSD ) You has an bigger configuration effort.

                  Or this bug

                  Or an other ( no report Open yet ) that if i use the System freeze ( No ssh possible )


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                    HDMI audio output supposedly works with xf86-video-radeonhd. It is declared by the devs to not yet work with KMS. I don't want to have to run X just to have my PulseAudio server.