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F12 purple and green

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  • F12 purple and green

    Weird effect, not looking for a solution yet, but here's what's happening;

    I have F12 and RHD3650 using open source drivers, running a 46" toshiba 1920x1080 display via DVI->HDMI plug.

    If the display is set to any input besides the 3650 when the machine is starting up, then switched to the 3650, the colors are messed up, large amounts of purple and green. Also happens when I switch away from the 3650 and then back or if it gets hit by DPMS. If the input is set to the 3650 when the machine is booting up though, colors are normal.

    I don't know if this is related to the display or to KMS, etc., not looking for a solution, just want to know if anyone else has similar observations or if this is a unique issue.