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  • Arch Linux and R600


    I'd just like to report that Arch Linux now has "out of the box" OpenGL acceleration for my RadeonHD 3650 video card!

    Kernel was just added to the "Core" repository a day or two ago, and I just now performed a full system update and rebooted. Kwin now composits! I can browse Firefox without the screen lagging three seconds behind! VLC movies don't look like slideshows anymore! *faints*

    So... yeah. I haven't tried KMS yet (it's disabled by default in Arch right now), but basic 3D acceleration is working great. I'll have to try other "bleeding edge" distros like Sidux to see if they have "out-of-the-box" OpenGL support for r600/r700 chipsets now.

    So, if anyones feeling brave (haha) check out Arch. Be sure you read the manual, though.

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    Great timing; I just installed it yesterday to check it out, and I was pleasantly suprised to see "Direct Rendering: Yes" in the glxinfo output.


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      I tried it out not too long ago and yes it's a pretty good feeling.


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        I've had 3D working (without extra hacking) in my Arch install since they moved to 2.6.32 kernel. Yes, it's marvelous.

        3D should have been working on sidux without tinkering for a while now (it works on Ubuntu Lucid). I run sidux, but I track drm/ati/mesa git with it.