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    When comparing CPUs, you need to compare chips at similar price points. If the 550 costs for example 170$ and it's compared against a 85$ chip, it would do well to win in benchmarks.

    The issue is that you can buy quad-cores for the price of the new dual-core 550/551 chips, and these quad-cores are better in all but power consumption. These chips are simply not attractive at this price point.


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      So what's the best value now for a linux machine, all things considered? Gotta be Athlon II X4 620 (Propus 4c), runs at 95w around $100.
      The 9150e also quad but runs at 65w and $10 less but 20-25% slower.


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        Originally posted by barbarbaron View Post
        Yep The video convinced me that if gpu acceleration be integrated into ARM chips it can match intel atom performance-wise. Which is good news
        There arent many cpu's actually that cant outperform Atom. Most newer arm products can easily pretty much across the board. At lest 3 SoC PPC products can on overall performance. Most SoC MIPS products can on performance/watt. There is at least one SH SoC that comes damn close.

        Atom is nothing special. The only benefit that it has is Intel's fabrication expertise. Besides that it really is a massively narrow -in order- architecture clocked very high relative to other chips targeted at the same form factor. Besides it's relatively high clock it really isnt anything to write home about.


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          Even if atom stays faster than ARM considering the x86 advantage, I think the main concern must be price at this point. ARM + linux = less for hardware + less for software.


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            Originally posted by barbarbaron View Post
            Despite my dislike of AMD gpu's and their linux support for them,
            you are only in the wrong time... really..

            just wait a little the circle will rotate in the opposite direction.

            most of your arguments against the amd gpu's will Dissolve in the next half year.
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