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Problem: Some fonts are wrongly displayed (radeonhd)

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  • Problem: Some fonts are wrongly displayed (radeonhd)

    Hello, since the Radeon X1300 isn't supported anymore by ATI, I passed to the "radeonhd", and I have to say I'm very happy with the change, excepting one aspect. Some fonts are badly displayed. I suppose it's a problem with the fonts, but I'm not sure about this.

    I'm currently in Debian Testing, and when I go to log, when I run some programs like Matlab, Eagle, gvim, etc, some forums in the Internet (I'm using Iceweasel)... some fonts are displayed very very small, without smooth edges etc like in this image (look at the left window):

    Actually I could fix partially this problem installing the next package:


    And Matlab and some forums works again.

    Do I miss more ttf? Do I have to change something in somewhere?
    Has somebody had the same problem before?

    Thanks in advance.