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R600 Open-Source Driver WIth GLSL, OpenGL 2.0

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  • Originally Posted by Qaridarium
    OpenGL2.1 grafic! nothing more.

    phones do only have openGL2 to....

    the web browser standarts only have openGL2 to!

    Highend-graphic OpenGL is dieing! over 4 years of DirectX10 there is no openGL3 game!
    If you write this* then you have no idea what web is, how it expands to new technology and how it is one of the main arteries of global capitalism. And you have no idea why every company in computer industry wants to have a big slice of it under control. Windows 7, games 4 windowz or high-end directX hw tessellation are a little slice compared to web and its trends. MS has a very nasty handicap here: They have always wanted to make people and companies dependent on their platform and the internet forbids this*. The web says: Its not logical to make a web page platform dependent.

    And why phones have opengl 2? Simply because they are phones. They are power efficient consumer devices that dont need to have high-end graphics (at least for now). Not everybody is interested in cutting-edge graphics like you and me. And why WebGL uses opengl 2? The same reason: Theres no need for the unnecessary overhead. Perhaps in the future when today's high-end graphics become consumable, web applications will be upgraded too.

    Having the most advanced graphics API doesn't make MS the ultimate computer industry killer. MS will be a big fat looser if it can't get web3D and web-phones under its control and is terribly failing in both areas.
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    • actually WebGL is a binding for OpenGL ES2, which is much closer to OpenGL3 than OpenGL2