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  • Originally posted by Qaridarium
    not realy! my passiv Cooled HD4670 do not need power-management!

    not realy! i never have any speed problems!
    Sorry for off-topic here but is there a way to make HD4670 compatibile with PCI Express 1.0a? I don't need it to work at BIOS level (I've got AGP Radeon 9600 for BIOS and I wanted HD4670 on second "seat" (second Xserver) but this card is not even recognized by kernel on my PCI-E 1.0a motherboard (Asus P4V800D-X). Linux boots with both cards at once (I have proper display on Radeon 9600) but HD4670 is not beeing recognized (nothing in dmesg, lspci, lshw, etc. Now I'm still using Radeon 9600 AGP + Radeon X300 PCI-E at once in multiseat with open source radeon driver without problems).

    Edit: I've got latest (althrough old) BIOS for my motherboard (0704) and other motherboards based on the same chipset (VIA PT880 Ultra) work with HD4670 on PCI-E with motherboard BIOS upgrade (like Asrock ones) but Asus haven't provided such upgrade for my motherboard.
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    • 9800gt? fail.....
      Hey I got it cheap bro doesn't that make any difference?
      And guess what? I still play Baldur's Gate 2 maybe I should go buy some games for this new fella. I've a bad feeling that I'll lose my job in the end, maybe I should switch to OpenGL programming but after all those years of php+database toiling it seems hard to me.


      • Why is it Nvidia's fault when no other vendor has got a complete opengl stack or the needed extensions to support some wine features? Nobody holds ATI or somebody else back to implement the same extensions. I think you completely reverse the current driver state. What you suggest is to buy hardware that will work maybe in the future correctly, that's absolutely stupid from a practical point of view. Also it is very unlikely that the gfx market is changed even when all Linux gamers/hd movie watchers would buy Nvidia hardware as the market share is really low compared to Windows - this is unlikely to change soon. You do not support ATI by choosing such a product, you increase just your own disappointment over those drivers. It is just much more likely that you will more oven boot Windows than you would with Nv hardware just because of the missing features. Most oss ati driver fans boot Win to play games, is that better then?


        • You never use Win for games, do you?


          • @Quaridarium:

            Seems to me too that you understand it wrong about AMD's opengl stance. I had a look at this page and it made me convinced that AMD/ATI is the enemy of opengl instead of nVidia:


            From that page:

            Unigine heaven known issues:

            [ATI] Alpha-testing is wrong in OpenGL
            [ATI] Depth of field works incorrectly in OpenGL
            [NVIDIA] Low color precision on 7xxx series (I'm not sure if its normal for 7 series)

            Unigine Tropics known issues:

            [ATI] Broken HDR with OpenGL on X1xxx series
            [ATI] No water with OpenGL

            Unigine Sanctuary known issues:

            [ATI] Broken alpha-testing on OpenGL with enabled HDR
            [ATI] Unable to use HDR + antialiasing on OpenGL
            [ATI] Broken stereo 3D mode under MS Windows (?)
            So AMD's bad opengl support is known. Thats why Id software plans for nVidia in their games. Its not surprising that AMD hardware (hd5xxx series) is the first one to have DirectX11 support. With generous help from microsoft of course .

            And for the future of opengl I think it's far from dying. I've been in web development for 4 years now I can say the future of web is 3d and vectoral 2d (thats why I consider switching to GL programming). And every major GFX acceleration done on the web depends on opengl (webGL, flash) because you simply can't make a web page platform dependent.
            DirectX is only for games and some proprietary media content and I've to admit that its quite a good API as my eyes and experience tell me but its simply stuck in games. You can use opengl in your Iphone to your workstation in your lab. It has much wider usage in industry (CAD/CAM, health etc.)
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            • Hmm nothing more I can say... what does qaridarium mean by the way?

              I got tropics demo running here with well... 34 fps
              I guess the new 9800gt will further sh** to its pants in unigine heaven when it comes out
              I think the performance will be much better with ET Quake Wars though. Till then take care.


              • FireGL cards do not work better with Linux for normal apps. The only thing different is that there are features enabled in the opengl stack then such a card is identified which is disabled for standard cards. Then apps like specviewperf run faster. So it is hard to believe that supporting standard cards was really hard to do - the chips have been always the same. Crossplattform apps like Maya will most likely never use D3D.


                • Originally posted by Kano View Post
                  Most oss ati driver fans boot Win to play games, is that better then?
                  I think I''m qualified to answer that. I used nVidia's blob and I *still* dual booted to Windows for games. Even with their support and WINE doing as best they can, it's still troublesome for many, many games which has nothing to do with the graphbics card at all.

                  I did buy a HD 5850 for my "Wintendo" and to develop the OSS drivers on, because I hope to improve them. I bought AMD because they open sourced the specs, that's money in their pocket. Eventually I think I can move games from Windows to OSS-backed WINE, that's my gain. I don't need it to be a win-win for everyone, just for myself......


                  • Originally posted by Qaridarium
                    if you have a company... and you need 10 workstations...
                    for exampel drop macos and drop linux brings you a hole money!

                    10*(300(card)+100?(windows)) =4000?
                    faster 5850/5870......

                    for the same speed you need 2 pices of 4870 based fireGL cards...
                    10*2*1500? (linux here macos is much more expensiv)


                    drop Crossplattform apps brings the company 30000-4000=26000?!!!!
                    and!,,, the DXD based CAD software is cheaper to!

                    for an exampel

                    unix cad software moves to directX because of the cheaper hardware and saving money for the companies!

                    second exampel:


                    "AutoCAD unterst?tzt seit Release 14 nur Microsoft Windows als Betriebssystem."

                    thats mean 'autocad 14' only support windows ....... because openGL is dropet!
                    I wish you knew what you talked about.


                    • Originally posted by barkas View Post
                      I wish you knew what you talked about.
                      I wish I was able to understand a word he says.