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AMD Catalyst 9.12 Hotfix released

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    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    with the show-stopper bugs in the catalyst like Black-skin-bug in Oblivion
    ... which STILL is a Wine bug and got nothing to do at all with fglrx.


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      i can not feel the difference.
      fixme:d3d:state_vertexblend_w Vertex blending enabled, but not supported by hardware
      this does not show as a wine bug...
      "but not supported by hardware"
      yeah, but you're ignoring the d3dx fixmes, which are the actual reason for the "black skin bug". Unless you've finally started using the native d3dx9_36 dll, but you didn't tell so, yet...
      Also, you didn't even try to run that game on NVIDIA hardware (did you?), so why do you blame the fglrx driver in the first place?


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        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        blame? i do not blame like kano because i do not buy nvidia hardware...
        i can't test this on nvidia hardware because i do not have any nvidia hardware...
        why sould i buy a nvidia card only for recheck a bug ?? ?? ?
        crossover dev's recheck the bug! there are many people with problems..
        but yes mybe not a driverbug next wine versions will show us this..
        Nah, that bug won't be fixed in the next Wine version. I am/was one of the main devs of the d3dx9 dll in Wine, and the texture code (the fixmes) isn't being worked on right now.
        You can easily check whose fault it is if you'd just try that game with a native d3dx9_36 dll from <google it>. Until you checked that it's really unjustified to complain about things.


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          But at least you know it was a Wine bug now


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            Originally posted by Qaridarium

            but what is this?

            fixme:d3d:state_vertexblend_w Vertex blending enabled, but not supported by hardware

            I think vertex blending is an old way of doing some rendering that was hardware accelerated in older graphic cards. Currently DirectX does a work around for vertex blending in software. I think the wine devs wants to implement vertex blending through shaders on wine but I don't think anyone is working on it currently. So it's a wine bug


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              Thats very simple:

              sh --extract 9-12
              cp 9-12/common/etc/ati/control /etc/ati


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                When ati will drop support for "older" chips again, ati users will be left alone. As they did with two years old r300-r500 chipsets.

                Just compare this: nvidia geforce 6-7 series (same class with r300-r500) are still supported in all operating systems.

                Its not important which vendor has the price-performance advantage if their driver support is terrible. The important thing is to see the necessary patches applied to the driver when the kernel and xorg versions change.

                Afterall it is YOU that pay the money for the hardware. And beware that AMD can drop their sorta support for your gpu too in the near future. Its easy to speak about GFLOPS when your hardware is still "supported", but when the "support" drops you will face the reality.

                When you buy an nvidia hardware at least you can be sure that the money you pay goes to the proper driver support too which is as important as features and performance.


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                  If you're going to compare accurately to the 3xx-5xx range you need to include GF4 and the FX series as well. The r300 came out in 2002, as did the Geforce 4.
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                    And just have a look at how many forum entries are there in phoronix driver forums:

                    25540 posts in closed source AMD sorta driver forum. Most of them nonsense verbiage by AMD forum employees as the one above.

                    3436 posts in proper and working nVidia linux driver forum.

                    And why is this huge difference? Simply because the driver provided by nVidia works. Painless computing and the support YOU paid for.


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                      Could be that there are simply more people on this particular forum using and inquiring about ATI. Really man, there are some amusing trolls here but you aren't one of them.