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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    Can you give a bit more detail re: "GL output is ugly" ?
    The video is rendered with a lot of pixels. I need to be far from the screen to avoid it somehow =)

    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    There is a difference in the sense that Xv does not expand the dynamic range from 16:235 to 0:255 while GL output usually does (making Xv correct for most HDMI-attached TVs and GL output correct for regular computer monitors AFAIK) but that's the only difference I am aware of.

    I have heard mention of filtering differences between GL and Xv but AFAIK they are player-specific, ie they depend on the filtering that each player app chooses to use when outputting to GL. Most players offer a few different GL output options and I find people have strong preferences between those options - might be worth checking on whatever player you are using.
    Im using VLC and I love it, however I can replace it if you can get me rid off this tearing

    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    When you say "too many things to do", are you referring to enabling / disabling sync-to-vblank so you can run games without vblank ?

    Selection of video output should be something you can set persistently in the player, and the "don't redirect full screen apps" option in Compiz will cover you assuming your videos are full screen.
    When I say too many things to do, here is what I mean:
    I want to play to Urban Terror:
    -Vsync must be off in ATI control panel
    -Vsync must be off in Compiz
    I want to watch a movie:
    -Vsync must be on in ATI control panel
    -Vsync must be on in Compiz

    And most of the time, after switching on or off any of these settings, I need to restart X to make sure it has been switched.

    There are too many clicks

    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    If you are playing videos in a window one common solution is to wrap your player in a script that disables compiz, starts the player, then re-enables compiz when the player stops. I don't know if aticonfig includes an option to enable/disable sync-to-vblank but if it does then you could flip those settings at the same time.

    Anyways, check for GL output options on your player. Some have several options, others just one.
    I know I can do this with compiz-switch, and if you know how to get a proper rendering with VLC (without big pixels) I am interested


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      mplayer -vo gl

      works basically also xine/kaffeine with


      in .xine/config

      Basically i don't see why you need to turn vsync off for playing, would be much simpler when you just use lower settings when your card is too slow. Certainly the overall fps increase without vsync but even in games vsync looks much nicer.


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        I don't know how but it seems to work now, I only need to force vsync in ATI control panel. Thank you guys
        But I cannot play Urban Terror with vsync on, the mouse is too slow, I need to find out how to fix this.

        I will stop spoiling the topic about the brand new 9.12


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          Yeah, using vsync on UT sucks because of that. Tremulous is the same. Must be something different on the engine because other games like Nexuiz and Alien Arena don't have that issue.


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            Originally posted by Kano View Post
            mplayer -vo gl
            -vo gl2 is recommended. gl results in too much CPU usage.


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              Did not see any diff, but use whatever you like.


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                Try with HD video.


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                  I replaced card, thats what i did - will definitely not watch a movie with ati soon. i only have got some test video for xvba/vaapi testing in a 3rd pc with an ati card 3450 currently (4550 did not make any diff for xvba) and 2 other pcs with nvidia 8800 gts 512 and nvidia gt220 for daily use.


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                    Originally posted by Vi0L0 View Post
                    +#include <linux/signal.h>
                    in fglrx_archive/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/kcl_io.c brings 2.6.32 support
                    Thanks for this. I was hoping that the black screen problem which have been introduced in Catalyst 9.9 won't occur on 2.6.32 however it turned out I was naive