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  • When It's Ready ....

    I wonder if others are wondering as I am, just when the next "radeon" DDX release will be ?

    I have been following the commits in the various git trees, and it seems to me there are literally HUNDREDS of fixes and improvements ready to be released. It is not good enough to say "if you want this stuff, you can always pull it yourself".

    It is high time that there was another stable release. Waiting for all r600/700 features to be available is not an option, because there will be a r800 and even a r900 soon enough, and the release will recede infinitely into the distance.

    Another option would be to split the driver into two separate "r500 and earlier" and "r600 and later" components, as the "one size fits all" approach does not seem to be working very well.

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    "It is high time that there was another stable release"

    That's the problem - stable. In addition to fixing corner cases that are being fixed continuously they are adding new functionality. Not so much on the DDX side but on the Mesa/DRM side -a lot is going on in the dev branches. They are definitely not stable and the DDX relies wholly on them.

    It's not as simple as a single DDX stabilizing and releasing anymore. All off it's dependencies (in separate projects) must also stabilize.


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      The 6.12 branch is the stable branch. Bug fixes get backported to that branch. It fully supports non-KMS 3D on r6xx/r7xx chips. New features like KMS go into master. Master will get branched and released when KMS comes out of staging in the kernel since KMS relies on the drm. KMS should be coming out of staging in 2.6.33.


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        AFAIK pure bug fixes have been going into the 6.12 branch (which has a dozen or so changes since the last release), while most of the work going into master has been new features and functionality, generally still work-in-process.

        EDIT - never mind, agd5f beat me to it


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          Ok. Thanks Guys

          Yes, thanks for that, guys. So some time after 2.6.33 in Feb/Mar or even 2.6.34 is a good ballpark for the next stable DDX. Good to know.


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            Will there be any changes for r300-600 cards with the updated DDX?