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R350, Ubuntu 9.10, Extreme Tux Racer with fps 5

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  • R350, Ubuntu 9.10, Extreme Tux Racer with fps 5

    Is there anything I don't know? Any secret work done or whatever to get Radeon 9800 Pro run OK under latest Linux and

    Should I expect it happen after Gallium3D or is it unlikely?

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    I think there's a problem with your setup. Games like ETR should be running fine now AFAIK.

    If you pastebin your xorg log and dmesg output maybe we can find out what's going wrong.


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      Hi, and thank you for your interest.

      Here are the logs:
      Xorg log
      dmesg output

      I have compiz turned off.

      There is a overheating problem with my ATI card and Intel Pentium IV processor - both have termopasta dried.

      However, in Windows XP the overheating slows down only some more demanding games, and after every 5 minutes for ~10 seconds for example.

      I really don't care much for the Extreme Tux Racer, but it seems to be good benchmarking "tool" for light 3D.

      If needed, you can see my system specifications.

      Though I'm running lucid already, it's basically karmic atm, and the issue was same in karmic.


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        Everything looks OK there except for :

        (a) these messages in dmesg :

        572.[ 266.278597] glxinfo:4278 freeing invalid memtype d0102000-d0112000
        573.[ 266.278611] glxinfo:4278 freeing invalid memtype d0112000-d0122000
        574.[ 266.278622] glxinfo:4278 freeing invalid memtype d0122000-d0132000
        (b) the fact the system info thinks you are on the Lucid development branch (no idea if that's normal when running Karmic but it seems odd)

        EDIT - never mind (b), just noticed you've already moved to Lucid


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          Thanks for the hints.

          I googled the error and found this:

          I'll try later if I have same conditions or not...


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            I have also a Radeon 9800 Pro and poor performance (~9 fps in ETR). I have only these invalid memtype errors:

            [ 1878.285497] etracer:2817 freeing invalid memtype e0102000-e0112000
            [ 1878.285515] etracer:2817 freeing invalid memtype e0112000-e0122000
            [ 1878.285532] etracer:2817 freeing invalid memtype e0122000-e0132000
            ... etc
            Did you have any success with that patch?


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              I am incredibly lazy living being. As such, I haven't even rebooted my PC to get into Ubuntu yet.

              But I will some day.

              EDIT: Actually, I'm not even sure if that patch isn't already in, or if it isn't I should compile the whole kernel for that (never done that)?
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                Whohoo, did the latest upgrade in Ubuntu Lucid and xorg-edgers and getting well playable ~30 fps in etracer now! With open source drivers! Great!

                EDIT: Actually I removed xorg-edgers from software sources before upgrading, so the video drivers might be from Lucid's own ppa.
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