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AMD's UVD2-based XvBA Finally Does Something On Linux

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    The OSS driver is not even working correctly for years old hardware - will update my snapshot soon to have got a few new ids, but basically the ati drivers are the most problematic ones. Until we can see working video accelleration with ati cards you will have to wait more likely years than months. Nvidia's vdpau works NOW.


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      the opensource driver will be better than nvidia's vdpau ....

      you know it!

      in my point of view i never touch a Nvidia again 8600gt RIP 7900GT RIP Nvidia is a complete FAIL!

      FAIL in the hardware side not software all my ati/amd cards are still alive up to my 8500 and X800 and so on.. all my nvidia's RIP...
      I've got about 6 dead ATI cards for ya. No nvidia's.


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        Originally posted by tuxdriver View Post (The well-known Bird documetary , 1080p H.264)
        Okay this one is the first I've seen that actually makes this thing (UNpatched mplayer...i.e. w/o VAAPI) sweat As soon as the birds appear the a-v sync just gets worse and worse and it begins to visibly drop frames, heh. Unfortunately an assert stops the VAAPI-patched mplayer:

        mplayer: libvo/vo_vaapi.c:1436: get_surface: Assertion `mpi->number < va_num_surfaces' failed.
        Corrupt video window when this happens. Tried seeking to various starting points (mplayer -ss) with no luck.[DivX7].mkv (Open Source animated video , 1080p H.264)
        This one I had tried before along with Big Buck Bunny; same results as most of the others: average usage w/o accel, negligible use with. (BBC TV clip , 1080p H.264)
        Ditto (Game Video ,720p 60fps! , VC-1)
        This wasn't too bad to begin with, actually...only about 50% usage peak w/o accel.

        Thanks for the links.

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          Originally posted by monraaf View Post
          Okay I just had my 3rd reboot due to a X Server lock up today , I'm done testing. F*ck UVD, I'll wait for the stable open source shader based solution.
          Whoops, spoke too soon. Even without the -vo vaapi option the patched mplayer crashes. Looks like the script from mplayer-vaapi-latest.tar.bz2 build me a borked version of mplayer


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            when you use the script i posted you get a fully updated mplayer (it just calls svn up) + a m2ts audiofix for truehd which is not mainline - i do not like to post things on mailinglists.


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              Originally posted by Qaridarium
              i found more apple notebooks broken bei nvidia's cpus than ati ones...

              nvidia fail!

              Really? Because I can tell you as a matter of fact even including bumpgate effected cards the ATI's have a higher failure rate then the Nvidia cards. For every Nvidia card that was replaced ATI cards were replaced 10 x more. These include the 7500, 2600HD, X1900, X850, 9000 Pro.

              In fact there is a whole section in Apple engineering notes to agents under the heading "ATI distorted video" that all say "Replace the card". In fact most of the extended beyond warranty coverage on some machines such as the eMac had to do with ATI graphics failing.
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                to get really high bitrate videos you need a bluray drive - there you have got an average of about 30 mbps with 48 mbps peak with mostly vc1 and some h264 l4.1. maybe some really old ones with mpeg2 too, but did not get those yet.


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                  Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  Source of your lie ?
                  Lol, dude I worked at apple for 5 years so Apple Engineering.

                  One such example Apple Internal KBase 305637.

                  I'm sure if you did some googling you can find what the resolution says.
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                    As a side note, an ATI card was also responsible for killing a dog. Long story short, Apple sent out a replacement ATI card, the courier rang the bell, nobody was home, so he left it in the dog pen (at the owners request). Dog ate the packaging and card and choked on it.


                    • Originally posted by Kano View Post

                      I do not like to install patched ffmpeg globally and it does not seem to contain a script that fetches the needed parts from svn. Maybe next week with a test hd.
                      You simply need original libswscale and libavutil for the VAAPI demos.