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EDID quirks; where/how to report? KMS workaround?

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  • EDID quirks; where/how to report? KMS workaround?

    I have a monitor (Acer AL1916w) with a broken EDID. It's broken in a couple different ways.

    - There's at lease one listed display mode that doesn't actually work with the monitor. Every open-source driver other than VESA seems to like to pick one of these modes by default, presumably because:

    - The first detailed timing mode is not flagged as the preferred mode, even though it's the only native-resolution mode that seems to actually work. This one is much more important to me since fixing it would make most problems with choosing the wrong mode by default go away.

    For now I'm just using xorg.conf to hardcode the preferred mode as a modeline, but I assume that KMS will render this approach inconsistent at best and obsolete at worst.

    Who should I report this to for it to work "out of the box" in the future, and what (if anything) is the accepted KMS workaround for this kind of thing short of building my own kernel with the quirk patched in?

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    Please report it at so we can put a workaround in the xserver. In the meantime, KMS-enabled drivers will still respect xorg.conf settings so it shouldn't be a major problem.
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