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Various graphic bugs with radeon

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  • Various graphic bugs with radeon

    I'm using a Debian testing with KDE4 and the radeon driver and have various graphic bugs. For example my screen is full of weird colors and stripes when kdm starts. As soon as there's the login screen the graphics are fine. When I log in it's weird again until the little screen that shows what is currently loading appears. In KDE itself I discovered various "small" things: some icons seem to be "broken". They just appear half and it doesn't change with a reboot but if I change the icon theme, they're all normal. On some spots the color of the thing that's supposd to be there just doesn't fit or I have funny colored stripes too. It seems to appear really random and I have no clue how to fix that.

    Some examples:

    Screenshot from the folderview of Kmail with broken icons

    Little arrow to show the hidden icons in the system tray broken. Funny effect: when I open it, it's fine. If I closed it again, it looks like this.

    Random website in firefox. I opened serveral tabs and just in this one is a graphics bug. Reloading fixes it.

    For me all this looks like there's a memory problem with the X1400 but I really hope I'm wrong and the hardware is fine and there's just a software bug. Does anyone have any idea or hint what this is about or how I can fix it?

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    Option "EXANoDownloadFromScreen"
    in the device section of your config help?


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      No that doesn't help


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        No more ideas?


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          Originally posted by moritz View Post
          No more ideas?
          Do you have an AGP card? I see similar glitches on my mobility 9700
          and "fixed" them by disabling AGP completely (i.e. adding radeon.agpmode=-1 to the kernel cmdline. radeon has a lot of issues with AGP this year )


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            No it's an internal PCIe card in my Thinkpad.


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              Does it appear with other drivers? Which KDE version is it?

              Some Qt versions had known glitches with certain KDE versions. I'm working on an Ubuntu machine with KDE and intel graphics, and it's quite glitchy.

              It could be a Qt issue.


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                No it just appears with the radeon driver. KDE version is always Debian testing -> currently 4.3.


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                  If you have time try a Fedora nightly build which always ship the latest drivers:
                  It's just a Live CD, it doesn't harm. Just to know if a newer driver still gives the same problems...


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                    Were you using Catalyst/fglrx at one point and didn't uninstall it properly?