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  • TV + Monitor ?

    I'm curious what people have done to connect HDTVs to their (Linux, radeon) computers? I recently got a 46" TV, which I really only want to use to display video on with mplayer, while keeping my 1920x1200 monitor as my primary display.

    I tried to set up separate X screens, thinking I could simply use "DISPLAY=:0.1" when running mplayer, but the radeon driver reports that it doesn't support 'Zhapod' method dual screen, and to use xrandr instead (it actually works, just apparently without DRI meaning no xv, so no zoom and no tear-free playback).

    I've tried xrandr, but have encountered a few issues, mainly due to having one large desktop, as opposed to two independent ones. If I use mirrored displays with xrandr, mplayer has issues running full screen (transparent instead of black background and its in the top left instead of centered). If I set the TV '--right-of' the monitor it almost works, but I haven't found a way to move the video to the TV using my window manager (wmii). (Also, I've tried i3, as it supposedly supports xrandr multi-monitor, but it crashes when I launch an xterm).

    Anyway, I was just wondering what other people have done in this situation, or if anyone had suggestions. Ideally I just want wmii running as normal on my monitor, and the ability to fullscreen mplayer on the TV (with xv support).