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Have the drm.git kernel modules been abandoned?

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    btw. what are *BSD developers going to do now? i mean, linux is slowly getting KMS and drm is adapting to it accordingly. how is bsd going to maintain their own drivers now?
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      The 6xx/7xx 3D has been ported across and is running on *BSD already; not sure of the KMS status but I think rnoland is working on it.
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        Originally posted by highlandsun View Post
        re: binary drivers - Linux is not just an x86 OS, you know. There are other processor architectures out there, important ones, and they also run Linux and use a lot of the same types of devices. Advocating binary-only drivers is extremely short-sighted.
        The original point of talking of a static ABI in this thread was not related to binary drivers. It was just that it also harms sensible development of out-of-tree opensource kernel driver development. (kernel developers don't think you're supposed to be doing that anyway but rather have your drivers integrated to the kernel tree and then everyone has to download whole kernel tree to get the drivers) Dunno who sidetracked the conversation yet again to proprietary code, that was quite offtopic.