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AMD Eyefinity 24 Display Tech Demo On Linux

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    Apparently another video...

    AMD's Eyefinity Technology launched on the Radeon 5800 cards on the USS Hornet on September 10, 2009.For the tech details see

    Looks like similar content with a catchy beat... something about a boat.


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      I don't know if I was just looking for it or what, but I did see desync issues going on. Some of the displays every now and then would render faster than the others. Hopefully it is just a driver issue and wont be noticeable after release.


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        I was really awed by this, I see the potential for some really nice 3 and 6- screens setups =)


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          OK, so for us non-gamers and non-CAD-using folks, what can we display on a videowall like this? There aren't any movie formats with 7680x3600 pixel resolution out there. And god, please don't make me watch your vacation photo slideshow....


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            It looks impressive - no question.
            But I wont use a three (ore more) monitor setup. I'm fine with one 19" LCD.
            For showrooms these setups are interesting. Other than this, it's just a way to get more pixel to push around. Maybe with lower resolutions last gen GPUs were powerful enough?

            (And I would like to see UVD support for Linux :-)



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              Pixel informed reality

              I'd like to see just four displays, quad LCD. I love the idea of using four small, cheap LCD 15” displays to make one 30” display with an effective 4096x3072 resolution. The breaks in the screen aren't half as annoying as paying thousands of dollars for a display that has a quarter of the resolution-especially when pixels burn out.

              Quad LCD is a high resolution large screen solution that gives 4x the performance for half the price. It's a display setup that you could use ten years before the hardware can catch up to that level of resolution. Imagine how much computing power it would take to drive a 4096x3072 display. The chip manufactures would have a new mountain to climb, and maybe that would help sell some chips so the industry doesn't implode.

              I'd like to see quad LCD on other stuff too, like and Ipod, optical display devices or projection LCD's, places where resolution is currently limited by the size/price of the LCD technology. I think optical displays are limited to 800x600 right now. Using a quad LCD format, you could use a cheaper base LCD and end up with much higher resolution.

              SAL-e makes a salient comment about color differences between displays, commenting on a THG news blurb about this. The industry just hasn't considered the issue, I figure. Is it really that hard to get the colors between displays to match? Probably nobody's thought twice about it.
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                Am I the only one who can't stand giant black lines? I honestly can't imagine playing a game like this.


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                  Really stunning demo.
                  I'm impressed that it was achieved using Linux... but on the other hand, I'd like to see down-to-earth Catalyst drivers work first

                  That PC shows a 50 Mpixels 3D app with (almost) no tearing, while I'm not enjoying accelerated 2D video yet?

                  I hope that some bits of the code used in the demo will turn to be useful in future driver releases

                  PS: I don't like the black lines of the frames of the monitors, if the app is to span over more that one screen!


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                    Hi guys,

                    well AMD, that was an amazing display of display tech. You guys have been busy! Insanely expensive, but uber Geek Bling.

                    Now I'm waiting to see what the Linux drivers are like. Feel free to hint about that! ;-)

                    GreekGeek :-)


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                      Uh, WSmart, I'm afraid your arithmetic is a little off. You'd need 16 15" monitors to get that resolution (it's a 4x4 grid). Somewhat more expensive.