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Radeon OpenGL Linux Driver Massively Improves 3D Texturing Performance For Older GPUs

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    It is really nice to see some are still working on the drivers for older cards, I always feel the cards are "end of life " before everything was squeezed out of them.

    Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post

    The best solution for regular consumers are intel gpus, actually. Better value for money. And the fuzzy feeling that you promote competition in the gpu market to fight off the duopoly that has inflated prices for so long.
    Yes and no. It depends. If we talk strictly Linux, the Intel GPU are great except if you game and want to play games using XeSS.
    On Windows the Intel dedicated GPU aren't there yet.

    I don't think AMD is inflating the GPU prices, that's an nVidia practice.


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      Originally posted by pharmasolin View Post

      They are taking consequences of their greed right now. Their driver for linux is not in great state as well, especially for games which are using XeSS. So no, thank you. (For now)
      And that idle power draw, ouch my electricity bill.


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        Originally posted by nuetzel View Post
        Read them, again.
        Oh, I see. Forgive me for not understanding your poorly formatted original post.