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AMD Catalyst 9.7 For Linux Released

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    Originally posted by kensai View Post
    Still concentrating in a very bad OSS driver with no 3D support
    OSS driver is not as bad as Cataclysm/fglrx. It misses some very important features (3D, fan speed control) but at least it doesn't freeze my system after doing this or that. In 2D and video playback OSS driver radeon is much better than fglrx. If it had same quality support for 3D, it could be really great driver. But the development goes slow, I don't expect to see full 3D support until at least 2010. So I already ordered GeForce GTS 250 card to replace 4850 in my home PC.


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      Good release, here.

      XV issues with Compiz have been completely fixed and 3d performance seems to be slightly higher than before.

      Unfortunately, vsync under OpenGL 3.0 is still not fixed...


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        Originally posted by acreda View Post
        I have to agree, the driver does seem to get better and better, yes its a slow effort but as fglrx is closed sourced AMD can only justify so many resources to the project, while leaps and bounds are being made by the Mesa drivers because the can call on bigger resources around the world even if its ad-hoc.
        Yep, I guess fglrx is still too far ahead of the open source drivers to just can the project yet, but I hope they do eventually and just focus on the open source goodness. Working on something yourself is just dumb when you can work with others, in this case at least.


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          Originally posted by samile View Post
          Are you not experiencing the resizing delays any more?
          I don't know what you mean by delays, but if it is resizing, then yes, resizing vlc is a bit slow (like "6 fps"). On the other hand maximizing is quite good (don't have to wait 5 second to have the image).

          There is a funny bug with this driver. When you move the player window on the left of the screen, if the video is not entirely displayed, the image become blurry. I don't have this problem on the other edges (top, bottom and right are ok).


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            For me this seems a good release. I see improvements in OpenGL (a beta, probably incomplete, OpenGL 3.1 context is available). So far I haven't noticed any regressions.

            But I do hope we will see better kernel support in the future. If AMD doesn't want to give full support on newer kernels, please provide beta support for them or something like that.

            I'm also hoping we will see OpenCL support soon... And OpenGL 3.2 will probably be announced soon, so I hope AMD will provide support for these new techniques soon.

            All in all, I still have the feeling the driver is on average improving, so I have hope we will have a very good driver some day. And perhaps the massive trolling in these forums will decrease at some point...


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              Originally posted by tball View Post
              Wine runs better -> No crashes anymore.
              Is Team Fortress 2 working?


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                Support for 2.6.30 & F11 is not the kitchen sink

                Originally posted by nanonyme View Post
                Yeah, I suspect if every new version had enough new features to keep Michael happy, they'd soon start including everything including the kitchen sink and neighbour's gold fish. I don't personally see what's wrong with just pushing bug fixes and performance fixes in new versions.
                I absolutely agree with you that there is nothing wrong with shipping bug- and performance fixes. They are most welcome and most appreciated. However it is disappointing that for the umpteenth time there is no support for kernel 2.6.30 (or 2.6.29 in Fedora land which contains 2.6.30 stuff) and no support for Fedora 11. That is hardly the kitchen sink and to me sounds quite reasonable. If the fglx stuff was Open Source, support for 2.6.30 and Fedora 11 would probably have been committed the day 2.6.30 and F11 were released.

                Sigh, another month of waiting and absolutely no certainty that the next release contains support for 2.6.30 and Fedora 11. ATI: how about a roadmap or confirmation that the next release will 100% sure contain support for 2.6.30 and Fedora 11?


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                  Originally posted by kensai View Post
                  Still concentrating in a very bad OSS driver with no 3D support, so we only have two half-backed alternatives. Can't we have one fully backed driver?
                  Just so you know open source driver has 3d support for all earlier then r600 cards ... Before the doc drops from AMD open source driver had good support for r200 and r300 and not that good support for r400 cards...
                  Thanks to the drops support for those improved and r500 support was added.


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                    For me, this driver is the best one in ages (after some very rudimentary testing). Firstly, setting DisplaySize didn't work in 9.6 for me (could have been just my system - I guess something had changed in xorg-server and some other part was lacking behind, be that fglrx or some bug in Gentoo). But also, OepnGL performance is better. I can play DosBOX games without hiccups now in opengl mode - I doesn't crash when I toggle between windowed and fullscreen

                    Thanks ATI, this is the right direction. Though, I would of course like to see the OSS driver improving also


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                      Well, for me I've given up temporarily. I bought a very cheap Nvidia 9500GT-card(<40$) w. HDMI + audio passthrough for my Linux-box. I'm bound to using 2.6.31+ kernels for certain features I use, and no fglrx there yet.
                      Besides, I'm in for Beta-testing Voddler and wan't quality videodrivers with good videoacceleration as my Linux-box will be used as a HTPC for Voddler with my FullHD LCD in the livingroom.
                      I do not need high performance 3D, I have another Windows gamingbox for that, I just want basic working 3D and good video but low power consumption and noice, so I believe 9500GT will suffice(almost worthless for gaming).

                      Eventually I will switch back to ATI when drivers are more mature, but for now I'm looking forward to investigating the very fullfeatured 190.18 Nvidia-drivers