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Radeon 3D Driver Rewrite Merged To Master

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  • Radeon 3D Driver Rewrite Merged To Master

    Phoronix: Radeon 3D Driver Rewrite Merged To Master

    It has been several months coming, but the "radeon-rewrite" driver has been merged into the mainline Mesa code-base in the past hour. Red Hat's David Airlie had been working on the Radeon driver rewrite (a March '09 update) that adds buffer manager to all of the ATI Mesa 3D drivers (going back to the R100/200 series) along with working on support for DRI2 and OpenGL FBOs (Frame Buffer Objects) and other fundamental enhancements...

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    Excellent news.


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      I'de like to know when the game FooBillard will display correctly with ATI drivers, both closed and open source ones. Funny thing is that it works correctly under Windows, but not under Linux. You can install foobillard from synaptic on debian/ubuntu systems. You will notice a bad shading.... it's at least 3 years it's like that and still nothing changed.... it works correctly with INTEL and NVIDIA drivers......and I'de also like to know what's causing that bug..


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          I didn't see any mention of FooBilliard in either the fglrx or xorg bug trackers. Looks like nobody has filed a bug report so probably none of the devs are aware of a problem.
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            Yea Melcar, that's exactly the nasty bug I have from years only with AMD cards and only under Linux

            And as you can see the bug is both with FGLRX and open source driver :S
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              So that's a "bad" image ? What is the error -- the vertical line ? Or are the shadows wrong maybe ?


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                Originally posted by bridgman View Post
                So that's a "bad" image ? What is the error -- the vertical line ? Or are the shadows wrong maybe ?
                The shadows.. on a correct display it shouldn't show shadows at all. An example:




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                  It's really odd that two completely different drivers, written by independent groups, put up the same result. I wonder if there are ATI-specific code paths in the app ?

                  There are shadows on your "good" image as well, if you look closely, but they're a lot smaller.
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                    Will this have any immediate benefits to R600+ users, or do we have to wait for another merge of the R600/700-specific work?