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portion of screen black with fglrx

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  • portion of screen black with fglrx


    since switching to jaunty, some portions of windows will sometimes turn black, with jagged edges on the sides. For example, a part of the background of a webpage will turn black, but when i scroll it out of sight and scroll back, the page shows normally (or some other part of the page will sometimes be black).
    This seems to only happen in applications and if I move the windows offscreen and back, it will disappear.
    I can't make any screenshots of it unfortunately, because that removes the corruption.

    Any ideas how this could be changed? I've tried the textured2d option, but that didn't work.

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    I have got the same problem since I have an ATI HD 3850 AGP and upgraded to jaunty.

    The OpenGL performance is almost the same as it was with a ATI 1950 Pro card.
    As an example, I only get about 17fps with settings at High and 4AA/16AF at 1920*1200 in ETQW.

    Compiz still doesn't work and Videos look awful.


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      To clarify:

      I have a HD 4830, don't know if the performance is what it should be though. I have no problems running compiz and video works fine if I select opengl as output (xv still crashes the desktop under compiz).

      The only really annoying problem I have is the one I described above.