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catalyst 9.5 seems to be out.

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    and I don't see that 'mythical' tearing. I see people complaining, but I don't see it. Never.


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      I wish I had your eyes then, because it's there, and it's annoying as hell :P

      Or you simply take it for granted because maybe you never saw tear-free video before (Like never having used NVidia or Windows.)


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        I have used nvidia, I have used windows in the past. I don't know what 'tearing' you are talking about.


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          Some people just don't see tearing. Others hardly notice anything *but* the tearing.

          It's fun to watch when you get one of each type standing in front of a test system watching video.
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            I see the difference between a 75Hz and a 85Hz crt. But tearing? Nope.


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              The tearing is there. Thing is, it's visible with radeon and fglrx. It's not like "OMG, all I see is lines!!!", but a more subtle tearing (a big horizontal line across the screen every now and then). It's not as bad as most people say, but it is there and it can get annoying at times (specially if all you do is watch fullscreen movies).


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                I can see that line in GAMES. Sometimes. But I also saw it with nvidia.

                But movies? Nope.


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                  Well couldn't wait and tried the driver on my 2nd pc as well (the problem case... dual-head, tv-out, crossfire, you get it).

                  It seems to be the best release for me since a long time:

                  - While using 9.4 somehow X didn't make use of my complete screen on my main window (while the background was stretched over the complete window, the panels and full size windows only covered part of it). This problem is gone with 9.5.

                  - With 9.4 (and also on earlier occasions) I had corruption on some of my dvd's. Really bad corruption, as in 30 x 30 pixel blocks of different colors. Really strange problem, it was even the case that one Heroes episode on a certain dvd didn't work, while the other on the same dvd did work. The Heroes dvd I tested showed the heavy corruption in the menu, but the episodes worked fine.

                  - This is the first ever driver for me that allows me to use a dual-head configuration that works properly and that allows me as well to enable desktop effects. Any other driver before let the pc crash (only option was reset) or dual-head didn't work properly at all.

                  - While I was happy everything worked, I couldn't resist and try to enable Hybrid crossfire (HD3450 and onboard HD3200). And guess what, it worked as well!

                  As it looks now, I'm happy. I hope the rest of my heroes dvd's turn out watchable as well and I'm good for another month (or perhaps a few months if in the following drivers some regressions show up again).

                  Keep up the good work AMD/Ati! One day you'll get there (although hiring a few more driver devs to speed things up shouldn't hurt either I guess ).


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                    For games you can enable vsync. But xv needs that by default. Maybe your card is fast enough that it does not show that extreme. My testcard is a 3450 only and there it is so annoying that you switch very fast to to oss driver, there you can at least enjoy a dvd. Maybe it does not happen with every Xserver, i mainly only use Xserver 1.4.2 (Debian 5.0 default).


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                      Originally posted by energyman View Post
                      I can see that line in GAMES. Sometimes. But I also saw it with nvidia.

                      But movies? Nope.
                      OK, if you can't see tearing even in this one:


                      then I'm officially declaring you blind :P It's a 60FPS video with fast motions. In this one, tearing is ALL I can see... Please tell me you see it...

                      And then watch it in Windows to also see the difference in smoothness. Windows: smooth as silk. Linux: jerky and tearing.

                      Also, in Linux with Xv the colors are wrong. Black turns to gray and it appears "washed out."

                      PPPS: (lol)
                      Also, in Linux with Xv the aspect ratio is wrong. It looks stretched.

                      Not bad for day's work. Nice drivers :P
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