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catalyst 9.5 seems to be out.

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  • fglrx unloading is really much more problematic than unloading nvidia, even when you unload radeon drm (from oss driver) and start fglrx without reboot i had serveral cards which locked up the system then. kill -9 kdm certainly helps a bit, also

    /etc/init.d/atieventsd stop

    can be good to do before kdm stop.


    • Originally posted by energyman View Post
      as I wrote - stop X
      As I wrote - not possible :P /etc/init.d/xdm stop hangs KDM. killing X also. A reboot is needed in that case to bring back X at all. So we're back at rebooting.

      In any event, even if X could be stopped and started again, your original instructions would result in the updated fglrx kernel module not being loaded. You're continuing to use the old one until your next reboot.
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      • Originally posted by ljones View Post
        I wonder what could be wrong with my install? (Slamd64, KDE4 with 3D graphics effects enabled, ATI Radeon 3200 onboard).

        9.5 dosen't seem to have brought any improvements. Instead it has made things *worse* !

        I'm not seeing any increase in performance with 3D graphics (I don't know if anyone has seen this?) .... the worst is 2D video though!

        Playing video with GL flickers *badly* in a window flickers *badly* to the point of being unwatchable. Xv works better, but is intermittent - resizing a window when it is playing video using Xv often crashes the system.


        Same expirience here. Even Magic SysRQ didn't work after resizing crashed my system with XV video playback.


        • You have to disable desktop effects when you want to watch a video. It's sad, but that's how it is.


          • My initial impression was that video playback through "gl2" had been fixed, but NO. After a while of usage, it starts to flicker. It's odd that it is not immediate, but intermittent almost.

            xv output still locks my machine. Sigh. A really poor release -- if it even is a release proper? AMD's own driver page still does not link 9.5:


            • well, 9.5 is a great improvement for me. All lockups I ever stumbled upon are gone. So...


              • It's an improvement here too. But still not good enough.


                • gl gl2 flickers like hell from command line, using mplayer.
                  Running mplayer on same video from desktop results in ultra slow playback.

                  amdcccle (installed from 9.5) segfaults on start:

                  [email protected]:~$ amdcccle
                  X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) 8
                  Extension: 136 (Uknown extension)
                  Minor opcode: 5 (Unknown request)
                  Resource id: 0x5600001


                  • Turning off desktop effects, I can get the patented crappy tearing xv video playback.

                    No luck with gl or gl2 though, the same slow playback of video.


                    • make sure everything's loaded and running - see if glxinfo has DRI=yes