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More AMD RDNA3 Code Prepared For Linux 5.19, RADV Begins Landing Task Shaders

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    Originally posted by theriddick View Post

    I wouldn't say rivals, comes damn close for sure. The rival part is FSR2 has sharpening options which yes you can enable in DLSS2.0 also to get a similar enhancement.

    Now for it to appear in ProtonGE or something as a replacement for FSR1.0! That be awesome!
    It needs to be implemented per game - just like DLSS it requires motions vectors, so it's not just a simple shader you can throw at your entire screen and get the scaling.
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      Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
      Does the concept of a sharpen shader overwhelm your mental capabilities?
      (No answer required.)
      Another try in fixing what's broken? Thanks.


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        Originally posted by Volta View Post
        Another try in fixing what's broken? Thanks.
        Yes, temporal supersampling/upsampling always reduces local contrast.
        Fortunately, AMD also outdid themselves with CAS and it makes both DLSS 2.x and FSR 2.0 much more enjoyable, as it looks very natural and doesn't cause disgusting ringing artifacts.