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Mesa's RADV Vulkan Driver Holds A Narrowing Lead Over AMDVLK With Ubuntu 21.10 On Wayland

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    As a graphics developer (still very much learning / a noob, but i think i can call myself one) I feel very torn about this dual-driver situation.

    They have such a mixed feature set.

    AMD's Radeon GPU Profiler, which is a fantastic dev tool, for understanding how the GPU works and what it is doing, only works with AMDVLK. I need AMDVLK if i want good dev tools. AMDVLK also exposes separate vulkan queues for the DMA engine / memory transfers. RADV does not. AMDVLK is also the same driver as on Windows, which helps with having realistic expectations for how things work cross-platform.

    Now RADV has mesh shaders. IIRC it also had some other features that AMDVLK is missing. And often better performance.

    Luckily, Vulkan makes it easy to have both drivers installed and switch between them easily.