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AMD Catalyst 9.4 Finally Brings X Server 1.6 Support

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    Many thanks bridgman, Redirected Direct Rendering now works and i got flicker free output with gl extension.

    I downloaded tha driver from AMD site and built the packaged for 9.04,
    now the package version is :


    and the module release string

    ATI Proprietary Linux Driver Release Identifier: 8.602

    I tested the driver with mplayer and i got flicker free with good image quality, with vlc i got flicker-free but dithered output.
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      Problem with xinerama/dual-head?

      Enabling xinerama with 9.4 driver on Ubuntu 9.04 (AMD64) Desktop = Numerous problems.

      To simplify things, I did a clean install of Ubuntu 9.04 onto a freshly formatted HD.
      Default radeon driver works fine with clone mode on dual-display.
      Built the Ubuntu packages 9.04 packages with the 9.4 aticonfig.
      Used gdebi to install all the ATI packages.
      Performed a aticonfig --initial=dual-head --screen-layout=right
      Reboot and am able to log into the system.

      Dual-Head is not in the desired 'extended mode' (i.e. main screen/menu on monitor 0, separate display (no menus) on display 1.

      Drop to a command line, enable xinerama via the aticonfig option
      and reboot.

      End Result = Streaks of red/blue across screen and no login prompt.
      moments before, the ubuntu splash screen displayed fine.

      Note - Using catalyst 8.12 on Ubuntu 8.10 and mucking with the xorg.conf configuration = working configuration.

      I can certainly post xorg log files, or anything else if needed.

      Additional background

      2 flat panel digital monitors
      Monitor 0 is 27.5", Monitor 1 is 20"
      Connection to Monitor 0 is DVI to HDMI,
      Connection to Monitor 1 is DVI to DVI.

      Dual-boot system, WinXP running in desired configuration without problem.

      RadeonHD Driver with RandR and above config doesn't see problem, but has performance issues and other issues (to be tackled another day)...

      Booting Grub to root command line, and using root shell prompt to enter 'aticonfig --xinerama=off'
      then resuming boot returns normal login window.
      However, the display gets really funky at this point =
      lots of screen refreshes, and inability to use menus until about the 12th refresh (they are several seconds apart).
      Primary display and secondary display both set to 1680x1050, with the primary display showing 'colored snow' on right edge and below.
      Launching Catalyst Control Center shows streaky windows that are not cleaned up when moved.
      Display Manager has a grayed out 'Unknown' under Multi-Display.

      Athlon AMD64 3200

      N.B. - Newbie here, so if I should be posting this comment elsewhere or reporting it directly to AMD or Ubuntu, please do let me know.

      Mike P.


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        Hello everyone. I have a crossfireX setup that runs stable with the early April drivers under Vista 64 Ultimate. When I try to enable crossfire in Linux and start the X server my system hangs giving me a black screen and I lose the ability to use my keyboard. I have to resort to power cycling the machine. I have a quad core amd 9850 and dual Radeon hd 4850's. Running Fedora 10. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        -Jon W.


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          Originally posted by MostAwesomeDude View Post
          Whoo, more incentive to switch.

          BTW, anybody not able to use the open drivers for r300-r500 should let us know; most of the bugs are in 3D nowadays and osiris, airlied, and I are all working in that code.
          I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this request, but I'm completely lost, and this describes my plight exactly. I have an X1650, have been using the proprietary drivers, and unwittingly upgraded to Jaunty. After losing all video output, I managed to log into the machine from another computer, remove the proprietary drivers, and install the open-source ones, but the open-source drivers will only try to use some ridiculous resolution in the vicinity of 2236x480 (this is why I was using the proprietary drivers in the first place). When I try editing xorg.conf to add other resolutions, it just throws errors at startup.

          Is this the proper place to ask about this, or is there somewhere else I should be looking?


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            Probably better to post under the open source forums 'cause that's where the open source devs look. How about starting a new post there, including :

            - which displays you have connected
            - xorg log when you don't over-ride in conf
            - what you added to xorg conf and what errors you got (ideally conf & log)
            - use pastebin or nopaste, don't paste all the stuff inline

            OK ?
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              I've noticed something over the years with ati drivers. They are very sensitive to the motherboard you're using. I've had exactly the same setup with different boards perform completely different. Example, I've had absolutely no-go on certain Nforce-SLI boards, while other nforce chipset boards have worked fine.


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                well the dual monitor modes seem completely broken for X Server 1.6.

                The chipset seems to have very little to do with it, i have an intel 5400 chipset, and other people seem to have P35 chipsets, and the guy above with an AMD Athlon must have something quite different too.

                My description of the issue, but michael.petersen2003 describes basically the same issue.