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Hunting the old Polaris bug

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  • Hunting the old Polaris bug

    There's some old, rare bug. It causes GPU crashes on Polaris and maybe other cards, too. Here some examples:

    I for myself was infected by this for a long time. The thing is: These crashes are really rare. You need some game (Cyberpunk 2077 is good at triggering, No Man's Sky is even better) bringing the card to its limit + hours of gameplay before it will crash. So this bug wouldn't even be easily reproduceable if it would happen on all hardware combinations.
    Now I alread told I was infected and it's a hardware combination issue but first let me list some things which I tried in the past:
    • Undervolting the GPU - seemed the most stable but still crashed.
    • Underclocking the GPU.
    • Overvolting the GPU.
    This was done cause most of the times this bug is subjected to be a defective GPU. Anway, now what really helped:
    • Updating the mainboards BIOS.
    Yes, simple as that! Well, not really, else I wouldn't have lived with this bug for around 5 years. So let me explain: I'm using an ASUS Sabertooth 990fx R2.0. This mainboard is not supported by ASUS anymore and last BIOS update is from 2016. Anyway, I grabbed the latest BIOS and "UEFI BIOS Updater" (UBU), then I used UBU to update all UEFI modules it knows updates for to the newest version and flashed that. The first thing I noticed after reboot was different clocking: Before it was HT and NB at 2000MHz, after the update NB was at 2200MHz and HT at 2600Mhz. I changed it to HT and NB both at 2400Mhz and have no more GPU crashes since then!

    Is anyone able to confirm this? Also for everyone experiencing this bug: What's your mainboards chipset / NB frequency / HT frequency?