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Excerpts From 2 Years of AMD's Github Comments on Navi/RDNA ROCm Support

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  • Excerpts From 2 Years of AMD's Github Comments on Navi/RDNA ROCm Support

    Date Commenter Comment excerpt Link
    2019-08-18 kentrussel We have full compute support for Navi10 (Radeon 5700 and 5700XT) as of 2.7. We don't have display capabilities yet (in 2.7 or 2.8) due to some issues with the display code, so we had to disable display to allow the GPU to work with our ROCm stack. We are aiming to get full display support for Navi10 to go with the already-present full compute capabilities in the 2.9 release.
    2019-09-16 kentrussel I should clarify that initial support is in the kernel for RX5700/XT. I don't know what the status is on the runtime and OCL, and we haven't officially said that it's supported yet (so there may be some bugs still), but I was speaking specifically from the kernel/firmware perspective,

    I should have said that first. Sorry for any confusion that I may have caused. Right now, I don't have the official timeline for RX5700 support. While the parts are in the kernel (ROCk/SMI), there is likely still some debugging to take place for the kernel driver, and the runtime and official ROCm support isn't confirmed as of yet but definitely isn't there yet.
    2019-09-25 kentrussel There are different levels of support in ROCm, since it's an entire stack, which makes this a difficult question to answer.

    1-Kernel support. This usually comes pretty quickly from upstream, and is already there in its infancy. The basic code is there, and there is work going on to thoroughly test the kernel functionality
    2-Thunk support. This is usually pretty quick too, since it's mostly just adding the chip information, and then adding any weird quirks that the HW has (shader engine distribution, SDMA queues, etc)
    3-Runtime support. This usually takes longer as there is a lot of testing to go on
    4-Official ROCm support - Once we have 1-3 supported, we need to run the full gambit of tests and applications against the stack. This requires a lot of time, and a lot of bug-fixes. Once this is done, that's when we add it to the Supported GPUs list.

    So there may be some partial support for it right now, or it might work almost perfectly. It's all a bit of a crapshoot until we update the documentation, as we haven't tested everything to fulfill our exit criteria for supporting a GPU.
    2020-11-26 ROCmSupport We are not officially supporting Navi series of cards with ROCm.
    2020-12-16 ROCmSupport ROCm will come up with RDNA2 support but not now.
    It will be released in 2021, but no specific timelines as of now. Please stay tuned.
    2021-02-21 ROCmSupport We are working on adding latest devices into supported list, internal validation is in progress.

    Please stay tuned for the latest updates via our ROCm documentation.\
    2021-03-03 ROCmSupport As I mentioned in other threads, we will come up with the support of Navi cards soon, but I can not comment on specific series of cards right now.
    I hope you understand my point.
    We request you to wait for few more days for official support and keep watching our documentation.
    2021-03-15 ROCmSupport Yes, we have plans to add support in this year. Please stay tuned.
    We can not add details of future plans in our wiki/docs as per the process.
    2021-04-18 ROCmSupport Internal validation is in progress.
    We need to stabilize it ROCm, which it takes more time.
    I can not comment on exact timelines as of today, but, roughly, will be available in next 2 to 4 months.
    2021-08-02 ROCmSupport ROCm 4.3 does not support both of these cards(RX6800XT(Navi21), 5500M(Navi14)).
    But the good news is that AMD started validating some set of Navi cards internally and ROCm support with them will come soon, not sure about the exact timelines, but tentatively before this year end. Please stay tuned for the updates.

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    what a bloody mess... and still my 5600XT is not offically supported and PAL support for the drivers has been dropped on kernel 5.13.