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Early Ubuntu 21.10 Performance Is Looking Good - Especially For Radeon Graphics

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    Originally posted by WonkoTheSaneUK View Post
    Hi Michael,

    Kernel 5.14 is almost certainly going to make it in, as Ubuntu's "kernel freeze" milepost isn't due until Sept 30th.
    Mesa 21.2 might need an exception though, as we're a week past "feature freeze" (August 19th) already.
    Updating Mesa post-release isn't a major problem for the average user thanks to the excellent PPA maintained by Valve.

    However, when it comes to the Linux kernel, this is a completely different story.

    That is why it is pivotal for Canonical to make sure that both AMD's & Intel's upcoming 2022 products make it in usable form into the next LTS kernel which will become the basis for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS!

    More than likely this means having to backport upstream patches close to the release window, therefore I think it would be wise if You could make sure this important aspect is handled smoothly by communicating with both parties beforehand.

    Here's hoping to an awesome Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release!

    Me and many others are looking forward to it, so please make it count!


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      "with the Wayland session still the default" i guess this should be "with the Wayland session being the default again"?


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        Originally posted by pipe13 View Post

        Sure it would be nice. OTOH, is anyone -- any one at all -- currently on 20.04 LTS really going to "upgrade" to 21.10, rather than wait another 6 months for 22.04 LTS?
        Not many people I would imagine. I can only speak to myself, and the boxes I do have on 20.04 are on LTS for a reason, and won't be upgraded until the next LTS.