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RadeonHD 1.2.5 Driver Released

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    I *think* the current Xv and EXA code for 6xx/7xx is already running on FreeBSD, thanks to rnoland's efforts. Compiz needs a 3d (Mesa) driver so you can't run with that yet, but metacity seems to be working ok on Linux today and KWin with XRender compositing is working for most people.


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      Thanks a lot, Bridgman. That's great news. Am I right in thinking this is the first accelerated 2D actually available for FreeBSD-amd64? In any case, once I get the card I'll give some compositing window managers a try.


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        I'm don't *think* they were first - my understanding was that most of the accelerated graphics drivers had been ported to FreeBSD already, but I'm not completely sure. It might be good to ask on the xorg mailing list.


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          Nearly every Xorg driver available for linux for the past 2 years has worked on FreeBSD during that same time frame. I have used the intel driver and radeon driver, with full 2D acceleration (and 3D acceleration) on FreeBSD/amd64 at least a year ago, but they were certainly available well before then.

          And, yes, the necessary ddx and Xorg changes needed for 2D acceleration on r600/r700 cards is available in the ports tree. The DRM in -STABLE is also up-to-date. r100-r500 supports 3D acceleration as well (r500 3D acceleration was added to the DRM in -STABLE a few weeks before the r600/r700 code was added).