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AMDVLK 2021.Q2.6 Vulkan Driver Released - Removes Pre-Polaris / Pre-Raven Support

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    Originally posted by middy View Post

    they are not removing the driver or mesa. as the driver and mesa are open source, separate projects from amd. the linux kernel still supports cards that go back to the ati 9800. which amd dropped support a decade ago. cards like the ati hd 6950 are still supported in the kernel and by mesa. and amd dropped support for terascale cards back in 2015. they don't have support in windows anymore, and amd themselves don't contribute official support for them in linux, but they sure still have support here on linux thanks to the kernel devs and mesa.

    amdvlk is amd's open source release of their vulkan stuff for linux. all it means is amd will no longer provide support themselves for those generations of cards in amdvlk. it doesn't stop the community nor does it stop projects like mesa.

    there will come a time where amd will drop complete support of gcn but that doesn't mean its death here on linux. on linux, support will live on long past amd officially ends support themselves for them.

    when it comes to amdvlk, well you don't have to use it. personally, i have a 6900xt and i don't even have amdvlk installed. i just run pure mesa.
    Why are you telling me this? I appreciate it but I know all of that and have posted something similar in nearly every AMD article as of late. I'm one of the "all this is moot because of the free drivers in the kernel and Mesa" people. Some of those kernel devs work for AMD so you can't completely shit on AMD on Linux...the AMD Professional Driver on Linux is fair game. If NVIDIA can make an AIO closed source driver AMD should be able to make one that supports more than a very, very small amount of LTS distributions.

    So my previous comment makes more sense to you: I upgraded to both Zen 2 and 4K within the past 6 months (from Xeon Westmere). My 580, while still being a terrific graphics card, just doesn't meet my needs anymore so I'm upgrading my GPU within the next year regardless of what AMD does or doesn't support. If I hadn't upgraded to 4K I could care less about upgrading my GPU. That's also why I'm excited about FSR -- I already upscale 1080p to 4K. If FSR does what I already do better then fuckin eh.


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      Originally posted by bple2137 View Post
      I love how Linux has always several fundamentally different libraries for the exact same purpose, so that end users could be more confused. I don't mind having alternatives, but there should be some easy to understand mechanism to control what's being used (other than providing some long environment variables you need to duckduckgo every time).
      Not sure what you're getting at. In practice almost everyone just uses RADV as far as I can tell.