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AMD Drops Pre-Polaris GPU Support From Their Mainline Radeon Software Driver

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    Originally posted by jason.oliveira View Post

    I was honestly freaking out about all these R7 240 cards I've been throwing in servers because they're cheap, low-heat, can do [email protected] and gamecube levels of graphics at 1080p for free if you need it, until I realized this is the AMD-provided package that nobody uses anyway. Worst-case, if kernel amdgpu driver loses support for Volcanic Islands, I'll go back to radeonsi and be slightly sad about losing free vulkan drivers.

    It appears that AMD thinks NVidia was on to something with their "let's delete old but working cards from the driver to encourage planned obsolescence" idea. With this in mind, expect to one day see an announcement of AMD removing Vega support from the driver in approximately 10 years. People rocking Raven Ridge or Picasso in 2030 will have to switch to the free driver.
    My Renoir and Polaris are already rocking the free driver. From my point of view, just a desktop user playing games every now and again, there is no point in AMDGPU-Pro aside from grabbing AMDVLK-Pro from it. There's the occasional game that AMDVLK-Pro does better than RADV or AMDVLK-Open. For everything else Mesa has me covered. In fact, with Polaris, Mesa on Linux runs better than Catalyst on Windows. Polaris and Windows makes me want an NVIDIA GPU. That's not a joke. My GPU cannot go into standby on Windows. It green screens with any driver past 21.3.2. It loses HDMI audio on 21.3.2 and earlier when it goes into standby. It's really annoying.

    Previous card was an R7 260x so I totally get where you're coming from. Those are great little buggers if all you care about is getting shit done and old or emulated games. Sucks that the Polaris equivalent is ridiculously priced these days.


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      Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post
      Well, guess I can't sell my R9 390 for much anymore.
      Mine the crap out of it for as long as you can thats what I do with mine. For normal use I use my rx 580 and on my main PC a gtx 1070.


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        Originally posted by ShFil View Post
        Hmmm, this means there is a chance that windows 11 gonna be more than just new UI.

        I remember that before Windows 7 release the x800 and x1000 have lost the support.
        Lol, desktop UI doesn't need high end or that new GPU support. At best they'll require Direct3D 12 or Vulkan, which are supported by said GPUs.