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Compiz and Catalyst 9.3 - Slow resize, maximize and minimize

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  • Compiz and Catalyst 9.3 - Slow resize, maximize and minimize

    Hello everyone !!

    I'm writing here today because I haven't really found a thread related to this particular problem.

    I am coming back from Kde4 which does not seem to work well with the desktop effects : slowdowns or does not even want to start. Anyways i thought i would switch to the Gnome / Compiz combo.

    Gnome :

    Everything installs fine, then i install compiz and run compiz-manager. When i do that as a user, I loose my windows decorations and in the end i'm only left with a blak screen. I do not have this problem when i run it as root. If anyone already had this problem and wants to share the solution i'm all open because i think my options are not being taken into account via ccsm ^^

    Anyways, when run as root everything works fine except resizing windows (which i read could be dealt with by changing the resize mode) and maximizing as well as minimizing. It's actually the same problem I had with kde4, i click the max button and then have to wait almost 2 seconds before the window get's big. Same thing with the min button and when i open up an application. The weird thing is that appart from that compiz works like a charm and is really fluid. I just don't get it..

    If it can help, below is my xorg.conf and even below my xorg log.


    Xorg.log :

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    Hi, I have similar problems on xserver 1.5. That`s why I downgraded to version 1.4. With 1.4 is OK. I don`t know why.

    best regards,


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      So does that mean everyone here is running 1.4 or are we the only ones experiencing that problem with our ATI cards and 1.5 ?

      Guys ? ^^


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        FGLRX 9.3 + xserver 1.4.2 on Debian Squeeze/Sid x86_64 also has resize slowness in Compiz.
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