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AMD Catalyst 9.3 Brings OpenGL Composite Support

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    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    I see people here claiming that window resizes with composite active work for them now while others (including me) are still getting the 1FPS performance while resizing. And still others claim it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

    If possible, can you ask around if this was actually supposed to be addressed at all with 9.3?
    Is in CCC vsync set to always on ? I have the same issue. but if i turn it off it works like a charm.


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      For me the new driver does not work (as promised in the article).

      My chipset is "ATI Technologies Inc RS485 [Radeon Xpress 1100 IGP]".
      The system is Ubuntu Linux 8.10 / amd64 / Gnome with compiz.

      Has anyone had success with this or a similar configuration?

      Moving a glxgears window looks like in the first movie.
      Apparently the driver is not released yet - I hope this will be fixed before the last official release for my system!


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        check to make sure direct rendering is enabled.

        glxinfo |grep direct

        if not, unset LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT.


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          Thanks for the quick reply!

          glxinfo says "direct rendering: yes"

          Like people from some previous posts I also cannot launch amdcccle any more: "Segmentation fault".

          3D performance is good, though: > 600 FPS in glxgears (> 1000 without compiz), smooth Google Earth (if I disable the 3D desktop with "metacity --replace" to avoid flickering).

          Originally posted by storma View Post
          check to make sure direct rendering is enabled.

          glxinfo |grep direct
          Suggestions anyone?


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            Originally posted by GreatWalrus View Post
            I feel like those of us with cards <Radeon 2000 are in something similar to the "digital transition" phase going on around the world, except this time our graphics cards are becoming obsolete instead of antennas. Where's my upgrade coupons, AMD?

            Anyways, neat comparison with the composite support, it looks so much better now.
            Not sure if they do this still, but might be useful to you.


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              Originally posted by Nille View Post
              Is in CCC vsync set to always on ? I have the same issue. but if i turn it off it works like a charm.
              Nope. And I don't think VSync has anything to do with window resizing or even composite in general.


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                On my side version 9.3 works almost same as the previous one. I'm not using Compiz, so I don't worrie about Composite. But I'm still getting video tearings. The only solution that I found was to enable vsync to always on in AMDCCCLE. It works fine when enabled, but with higher bitrate it slowing down my videos in XBMC , got frame drop.
                Is someone has an idea how to rid tearings without using vsync ?


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                  FYI: A Fedora 10 package of 9.3 made it's way into the rpmfusion-nonfree-updates-testing repository yesterday.


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                    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
                    Thingy, does KWin have an option to unredirect fullscreen windows ? If it does, and if the option is enabled, can you try turning it off (ie *don't* unredirect fullscreen windows) to see if that eliminates the freeze ?

                    For anyone who is *not* seeing OpenGL output composited, can you please reply back to the list with some info about your graphics chip/card/bus ?
                    (--) PCI:*([email protected]:0:0) ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AR [Radeon 9600] rev 0, Mem @ 0xd0000000/0, 0xff820000/0, I/O @ 0x00009800/0, BIOS @ 0x????????/131072
                    (--) PCI: ([email protected]:0:1) ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AR [Radeon 9600] (Secondary) rev 0, Mem @ 0xe0000000/0, 0xff830000/0

                    display: :0.0 screen: 0
                    OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.
                    OpenGL renderer string: ATI RADEON 9600 Series
                    OpenGL version string: 2.1.8543 Release



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                      Originally posted by dcarpenter85 View Post
                      Radeon 9800XT AGP card

                      fgl_glxgears crashes my system with no error message, just black screen and im forced to do a hard restart. glxgears works but output is not composited. Video playback with VideoOverlay on and opengloverlay off is black, and obviously not composited. This really sucks since this is the last proprietary driver for my card, and it doesn't even work correctly. Guess ill keep my eyes peeled for dri2 and gallium3d in the open source driver.
                      Exactly the same issues here on my 9600 XT