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OpenGL vs. Vulkan Performance For Portal 2 With Radeon Linux Graphics

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    I'm seeing a few things with this article.
    • GPU's are behind CPU's by a considerable margin. Even low range CPU's seem to be maxing out a 3090 RTX in some games at high graphics settings. This also seems to be the case with AMD cards.
    • Vulkan seems to give big improvements with newer cards. Since newer cards are less of a bottleneck in the first place.
    • Games that take advantage of Vulkan sooner, will have greater longevity. Especially when GPU's become less of a bottleneck.
    Now if AMD better supports Vulkan in the long run, they may well have a clear advantage over Nvidia in future. It seems that the faster GPU's get, the more OpenGL bottlenecks the graphics pipeline. I could be wrong. Either way, it would be foolish not to take advantage of this amazing technology sooner than later.


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      Seeing this and similar benchmarks makes me wonder why Valheim runs much better on OpenGL than Vulkan. Vulkan should be a lot faster in theory.


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        That's interesting. I tried -vulkan flag in 1080p on a Pentium G4560 + GTX 1650 Super + all settings at the maximum (except AA, which was set to 2x) and vsync off. Here's the result:
        OpenGL: 265 FPS
        Vulkan: 135 FPS
        I used this demo in timedemo mode.

        Any ideas about what happened?
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          Thanks Michael for the Portal 2 benchmark , using the PTS3 demo file.
          FYI: I had to download and move the file manually.
          as my actual result was : Portal 2 is launched, and shows a screen with GLaDOS defeated. This screen stays for an unlimited time.
          The expected result is the demo automatically played , on one of the first levels of the game. this lasts around 3-4 minutes.

          I have nailed the issue down thanks to :
          phoronix-test-suite debug-install pts/portal2
          [2021-05-07 16:53:58] Verifying installation...
          [2021-05-07 16:53:58] Verification complete
          [2021-05-07 16:54:20] Shutdown
          unzip: cannot find or open, or
          mv: cannot stat 'pts3.dem': No such file or directory
          Cheers all