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AMD Smart Access Memory / Resizable BAR On Linux Still Ripe For Improvement

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    Originally posted by tajjada View Post

    Yes, my post was inappropriate. I already gave my apology.

    Oh yes they most likely will. If you look at the patches added to the Linux drivers, this allows removing unnecessary copies and buffering in system RAM. The driver can now directly output command buffers, etc., into GPU memory. This is something every GPU driver would benefit from.
    Nope, i test it with Navi1, Navi2 and Polaris. The first two benefit but Polaris 1% low is half the normal. This future may be not optimal for all hardware. Some hardware may work better with its own path. Nvidia is probably that hardware, next two months we will see Nvidia to take the down road.


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      There is often a marketing and a technical side of the same feature. The product presentation was 100 % marketing for AMD. As the feature is technical possible with much more systems then an override to try it should be there - no matter which OS is currently used.

      It is nice to have see that there are simple ways to enable it on "unsupported" hardware - I really like this.

      But there are much more examples where marketing affects the features which are available, basically everyone got already used to. OC only possible for some CPUs and motherboard combinations are pure marketing, the chips itself are identical. Limiting some chipsets to lower PCI-E speed is the same. Then all the artificial differences between the FireGL and Radeon or Quadro and GeForce series for major OpenGL apps - there have been patches/hacks out there to flip just a small flag and performance was increased. This could be extended to many more examples like ECC support. Marketing is certainly needed and a "professional" or "gaming" line of products increases the revenues because you have to pay more to flip on things which are technically always possible. I can understand it but I basically dislike this behaviour.