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How stable are the drivers for 5700 (XT)

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  • How stable are the drivers for 5700 (XT)

    I have a RX 5700 running more or less stable for the last 4 Months. It runs most games on Steam without artifacts or reproducible crashes. However, I get random crashes/freezes in some games (not necessary the most demanding) and sometimes even when playing back videos in browser. I got the most crashes, when playing a game and also using Discord or Element(Riot) in the background.

    Also, since putting this card into my computer, waking up from suspend stopped working.

    I tried Ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10 with stock Kernel and Mainline Kernel up to 5.10 as well all Mesa Versions up to 20.3 with basically the exact same results.

    I was wondering if the problem is the driver or maybe if my card is faulty.

    How are your experiences with this card?

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    I have two Radeon RX 5700 GPU's running under linux. I have never experienced problems that are related to the GPU itself. However the first card i bought was defective and gave me systemfreezes and crashes. I got a warranty replacement for that card an since then i had no problems in that regard.

    There are issues with the MESA Drivers in some native linuxgames. I have one game (Golf with your friends) that is randomly causing a complete GPU hang and systemfreeze on both of my systems. PA Titans and Last Epoch are giving me graphical glitches. It seems that your card is defective. After all i have to say that running the Radeon RX 5700 under linux was a much smoother experience then using it on Windows for many users. You should also make sure that your Mainboard BIOS is updated.


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      My Computer is up to date including the BIOS. Do you have any problems with resume from suspend?


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        I never use suspend on that system. This is a desktop pc. However i tried it and resume failed like you explained. I am not sure if this is caused by the GPU or the drivers.


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          I think it's very likely it's the GPU. In my case it certainly is, since before I change the GPU, suspend worked perfectly.


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            Tell me if there can be problems in games or still a video card, I tried to check WinDbg (X64) and checked the video card in management-journal events-the system writes errors
            The computer was rebooted after a critical error.