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AMD Stages More Driver Updates For New GPUs With Linux 5.11

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  • AMD Stages More Driver Updates For New GPUs With Linux 5.11

    Phoronix: AMD Stages More Driver Updates For New GPUs With Linux 5.11

    While the Radeon RX 6800 series is now shipping that was developed under the Sienna Cichlid codename, there are other fishy codenames remaining and are seeing more work for the Linux 5.11 kernel that will officially open development in December and then likely reaching stable in February...

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    Any news on whether Cezanne includes VCN3.0/DCN3.0?

    Yes, it's Vega, but so were the 2000 series APU's and they had updated VCN/DCN over Vega10 dGPU.
    And Renoir had VCN2.1/DCN2.5 which was itself an update over the 2000 series APU's...
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      One doubt that I have,
      Is if Renoir, already has hardware decode for AV1, and if VanGogh, will support AV1 decode in hardware..


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        RX 6800 is shipping? Where?


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          Originally posted by Gusar View Post
          RX 6800 is shipping? Where?
          To reviewers, and occasionally those lucky few who have the ability to camp on NewEgg/AMD/Amazon/other-etailer-of-choice mashing the F5 key and praying they get through the checkout before it magically tells them, "LOL, too slow!" once again.

          Sadly, despite wanting both AMDs and nVidia latest (AMD for home, for the first time in years, and nVidia for work/CUDA), I (and I would expect most here) have what are known as Full Time Jobs and Lives Outside The Internet. I have neither the time nor the enthusiasm for shop camping. So I'll probably pick up a 6800XT or 6900XT some time next year. Same with a 3080 or Ti equivalent, if available...


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            I am looking forward to to some one sticking Van Gough in a mini PC so I can finally upgrade my HTPC. The good news is I seem to remember Van Gough not being on the 7nm process so they may actually ship before the 6000 cards.