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AMDGPU Linux Driver To Finally Enable BACO For Hawaii - Allowing S4/Hibernation

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    Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post

    Yeah, I've found that a bunch of newer games using Direct3D 12 and Vulkan run with decent framerates at high quality. Coupled with a VRR monitor, you can still play games reasonably well.

    Of course, super demanding things like AC Origins and AC Odyssey are a janky experience.
    Yep may be time for me to get a new one. BUT geeeez, to be able to get 7 years playing current games on High!

    Nvidia's contemporary at the time and was the more expensive GTX 780. Look at where that's now at the bottom of the heap in most benchmarks (if it at all)! Basically you would have to look at the 9xx range to see anything go toe to toe with the old veteran, and those 9xx ranges are a generation newer!

    Still in many benchmarks you'll see the 290X go toe to toe with a polaris 580!

    Basically the card is like fine wine! it just gets better with age! It can hold it's own on 1440p as well! Amazing!

    Hopefully the new 6800XT/6900XT can also last 7+ years! I'm likely to get that next as soon as a waterblock is out for it.