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Linux 5.9 Gets More Fixes For AMD RDNA2 GPUs, Promotes Navi 12

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    Originally posted by andre30correia View Post

    the amd driver support is and always was bad, bug in their drivers for many years, I'm thinking what laptop I should buy a intel with xe grapfics or a apu, but looking this things I probably will buy a intel one, lesse performance in games but better drivers
    The Zen 3 launch is Oct 8. You might want to wait and see what it will deliver. AMD seems pretty excited about this batch of APUs vs Intel's new launch .


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      Originally posted by agd5f View Post
      bug 204241 is a mess. The originally reported issue was fixed long ago. I would have closed it long ago, but since kernel bugzilla tickets can only be closed by the reporter or a admin, they tend to stay open forever because most reporters forget to close them.
      I just filed a new bug for the current resume issue at


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        Originally posted by muncrief View Post

        Oh, I see the problem, and it's a perfectly reasonable misunderstanding. The entry you reference is in the correct bug report, but it was from back in December. Alex did request that I file a different report, and that bug was subsequently fixed. And by the way that's when I had my old R9 390.

        I've subsequently purchased two RX 580s (I use one for my Windows 10 VM GPU passthrough), and the problem is different. My latest entry is here:

        As I said earlier the resume problem has been going on a very long time, and there are so many different bug reports it's difficult to identify the appropriate place to file. But hopefully I did it right this time!

        However I always follow bug threads I'm actively engaged in, and if I screwed up again I'll be sure to file a different report if requested.
        Got it!