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OpenGL 4+ and Barts GPU?

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  • OpenGL 4+ and Barts GPU?

    Hey all,
    I've been searching for a week and trying various things to try to get OpenGL 4 working on my Radeon HD 6850. I can pass an environment variable override and things mostly work, but nothing I've tried has actually changed what glxinfo reports for core profile version. I can find some references that people were working on making a compatible driver, but I've got the latest from oibaf and it doesn't do the trick. Am I missing something, or did the driver never get completed? I'm trying to do some dev work on a game using wasabi2d for Python, and it requires OpenGL 4.1 (and seems to have some weird rendering behavior using the environment variable).

    Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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    HD 6900 has some working GL4 support right now but not HD 6800 at last check. You can try Mesa Git but yeah with the environment variable override you are just forcing the extension version where all functionality might not be supported, thus the incorrect/weird rendering behavior.
    Michael Larabel


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      That's basically what I thought but figured I'd double check in case I missed something. Thanks!


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        Barts does not have native FP64 support in it's shader hardware so it has to be emulated using 32 bit operations. That has not been implemented yet for these AMD GPUs. Very few applications use FP64, so in most cases for gaming, overriding should be fine.


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          Is there any way to set a permanent environment override? To effectively run with the override on every command? I couldn't find anything like that. It's fine if I'm running things from the command line, but....

          Also, the tool I was working with, when operating with a command line override, was rendering weird boxes around text, so something isn't interacting right for that. I can't imagine why rendering text would use FP64 shaders, though.


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            For global environment variables, you can put them into etc profile or etc environment .