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ROCm 3.7 Has Open-Source OpenCL Image Module Included

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    That's nice. I've been back to using the AMDGPU-PRO OpenCL driver for a while though because the ROCm one had a serious regression a few versions ago. It looks like this issue.


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      Who care...

      It does not work on recent hardware.


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        Originally posted by zaphod_ View Post
        Jabberwocky I would also be interested in using amd gpus for compute/ml tasks but it seems like amd is just not interested in compute/ml...
        This news is a first step but since rdna1 is still not working with rocm, I dont think rdna2 will work in the foreseeable future. My only hope for an working opensource ml/compute gpu is now intel... But for now I'll just buy a geforce 3080/90...
        Is it because HIP/HCC doesn't work or is it because opencl doesn't work? Those are very different things.

        Many people told me that rocm opencl works on navi (I don't have a navi GPU so I can't test it myself). Here's some useful things to get starting using opencl/sycl, you can even use your CPU (OpenMP ) just to get started . Another option is trisycl, I tested it over the weekend and it seems to work too. I have yet to test Eigen or do benchmarks.

        Using my onboard vega8 oddly enough the one thing that did not work for me was codeplay's sycl implementation, it just gave me a segfault and I did not try to debug it.

        Have you created any bug reports or found existing issues that provides technical info on this problem?


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          If any one is interested there is now a rocm-runtime 3.9 in Fedora 34 along with other components. It does not provide image support on my RX580. I will keep digging to see if I can figure out why.