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Radeon's AMDVLK Driver Does Support FreeSync/VRR But The Option Isn't Widely Known

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    I agree that AMD should make sure a proper modern GUI is available on Linux, just as it is on Windows.

    There is an open source GUI called "Radeon Profile" in development which has some limited functionality to control fans, set various options in a very primitive low level way, etc., but I have no idea whether AMD is actually contributing anything to it. I seem to remember someone saying AMD developers were involved but I'm not certain.

    In any case, in Arch/Manjaro the package is called radeon-profile-git. If nothing else it's a useful tool to give you information about your card, and various driver/software configurations.


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      Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

      Yes. Are you a DX12 supporter? .-.
      I was just asking, because without a healthy number of Vulkan apps, it will be hard to say whether the support is in good shape or not.


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        Originally posted by _ONH_ View Post

        Sure, if you are unable to read. You should probably just not use Linux Dirstros.
        There is 0 need for a control panel. Control panel user mostly don't know what they are doing.
        They would complain about AMD if they screwed themselves with stupide settings.
        If one complains about cli, anyone knows how to deal with them.

        Though there could be an wiki page for easy access to the option available.
        Or DE could implement Setting pages since gui is their department.
        Although thats nothing AMD devs should care about.
        There is enough work to get all new features of to be released GPU into the mainlain packages early.
        The "muuhh secret club" Linux user, everyone. ☝️

        Interesting, because I don't see anyone complaining about Nvidia for doing something wrong using the Nvidia control panel, nor do I see anyone complaining to AMD for making any wrong settings on the control panel on Windows.


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          Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
          Please just go with Nvidia and enjoy their crap settings UI that doesn't even work on Wayland and doesn't offer anything but broken pseudo-options anyway. Thanks, hope we won't see you in AMD threads anymore.

          Holly macarron! Do you want a prize? One error does not justify the other, ret**d amdrone.

          >amd doesn't have a control panel

          No hell, captain obvious. See my comment about the Nvidia shit control panel on the last news about Nvidia. Now you can go back to /r/amd and stay there.


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            After all these years modifying config files to turn on freesync, ridiculous.


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              Seriously, AMD? Please inform the world when you release something! It's also good for public image/PR.


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                Why everything in this forum totally losses topic? Only around 10% posts in on-topic, everything else is spam and takes steals time when trying to find some more info on-topic.


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                  Originally posted by bearoso View Post
                  Your card simply defaults to a non-zero-rpm mode. I have a MSI RX 580 that does the same thing. I also have a MSI 5700 XT that DOES default to the zero-rpm mode. It’s all selected in the BIOS, so you can hack that and change it with a bios editor. The “silent mode” physical switches on gigabyte cards just switch between two bios roms.
                  I don't think so, I have both Windows 7 and Kubuntu 20.04 in dualboot mode and if I remember well, the 0-RPM was enabled by default on Windows and disabled by default on Linux.
                  I think it's the OS drivers that are different and they have cared more about Windows to give it better defaults while on Linux they didn't cared so much.
                  I don't want to use any BIOS editor to void the warranty to fix something that they shoul've done properly in the driver or released a control panel for Linux to enable it myself manually without any danger to void the warranty or damage the board.
                  Maybe they have improved this for Navi, but for Polaris I saw this weird behavior.