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Radeon's AMDVLK Driver Does Support FreeSync/VRR But The Option Isn't Widely Known

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    Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
    Be happy that you can control the fans at all, unlike with Nvidia on Wayland.

    "months of research", srsly? Perhaps just read the Arch wiki?
    Yep months, but of course it's not like I've search every day for months, just from time to time.
    And I didn't managed to fix it until I complained about it here or on Reddit and somebody told me that it's possible to make it with CoreCtrl.

    As for arch wiki, it's not my primary source as I'm not using Arch, but Kubuntu, but I see that from time to time the search engine leads me there, but it wasn't in this case.

    Originally posted by raonlinux View Post

    That options must be something MSI or someone advice to amd do that. Personally I have an MSI 480 video card and I prefer to be 800rpm that the 0 rpm as default.

    This video card is already overclocked so I will prefer to be sure not to stress my videocard even I'm not playing, it's already using less power maybe a little noise of a fan at 800rpm, but it's also been overclocked by factory make the card freeze in my case when playing a game, second that option of 0 rpm I bet is just a MSI option or other video card Manufacturer it's not from amd. Also the fan curve on windows it's not great have some problem.

    We always think is AMD fault but it's not, sometimes is the Manufacturer . As you know your card has three options silent, gaming and overclock. The only reference Amd volts and clocks is the silent one you got the same speed of gpu and memory as the reference one.

    The others one are for MSI making overclock the card, but you can access from MSI app (on windows of course) and the default one is gaming that is the option you had on Linux too (which is already overclok).

    I will prefer to be a switch in the card that let me choose and not by software so it won't depend of the SO itself. Personally speaking I blame MSI than AMD and my fault of choosing MSI.
    My MSI has a huge radiator (Armor or whatever the name) and that's enough for normal things, I don't need the fans to run unless I do something really GPU intensive.

    And on Windows, the 0-RPM just works because of AMD's driver, I have not installed nor I would want to any MSI specific software.

    When I have told people that I have intentionally chose MSI instead others because of this 0-RPM feature, I've got a few replies saying that this feature is not MSI specific, that other GPU brands have it also.

    I don't even want to start a discussion about AMD with their AGESA or whatever makes the GPUs start with maximum fans speed making a lot of noise like I'm turning on an airplane engine.


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      Originally posted by bug77 View Post

      Do we have many of those?
      Yes. Are you a DX12 supporter? .-.


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        Cool! Still want Freesync to work on multiple monitors or just the main without having to disable or unplug the other monitors. That and Anti-Cheat is what's really holding me back from making the switch to Linux.


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          Multi-display limitations are very certainly Xorg limitations which can't be overcome by graphics vendors. Maybe it would work already with Sway for your purposes.


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            Thanks Michael, this is useful to know even though I mostly use RADV.


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              Originally posted by Mario Junior View Post
              We are in the middle of 2020 and AMD has not yet launched a control panel for its drivers, whether closed or open.

              We need cli to do simple things. 🤦🏻‍♂️

              Fu** off, AMD.
              Sure, if you are unable to read. You should probably just not use Linux Dirstros.
              There is 0 need for a control panel. Control panel user mostly don't know what they are doing.
              They would complain about AMD if they screwed themselves with stupide settings.
              If one complains about cli, anyone knows how to deal with them.

              Though there could be an wiki page for easy access to the option available.
              Or DE could implement Setting pages since gui is their department.
              Although thats nothing AMD devs should care about.
              There is enough work to get all new features of to be released GPU into the mainlain packages early.
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                Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

                How about letting people complain about the software support for the hardware products they payed money for ?
                Just because AMD has done amazing things for Linux, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't criticize at all for the things they are bad or don't want to improve at all like the whole missing control panel for Linux.
                How about a MS RX 570 card that has a 0-RPM feature to turn off the fans, which means less noise and power consumption, that works on Windows by default and you can see in the control panel that this feature is enabled, it doesn't work by default on Linux and you don't even have a control panel to click a button to enable it ?

                After months of research I found out that there's a way to make it work on Linux too by installing the custom control panel called CoreCtrl and making a custom fan curve for it.
                But still, it takes a lot of time until you reach this type of knowledge and it's still not as easy.
                Your card simply defaults to a non-zero-rpm mode. I have a MSI RX 580 that does the same thing. I also have a MSI 5700 XT that DOES default to the zero-rpm mode. It’s all selected in the BIOS, so you can hack that and change it with a bios editor. The “silent mode” physical switches on gigabyte cards just switch between two bios roms.


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                  Originally posted by _ONH_ View Post

                  Shure, if you are unable to read. You should probably just not use Linux Dirstros.
                  There is 0 need for a control panel. Control panel user mostly don't know what they are doing.

                  I don't mind doing things in cli, but this sort of gatekeeping we've seen in several comments in this thread gives our community a bad rep.


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                    Originally posted by Brisse View Post
                    I don't mind doing things in cli, but this sort of gatekeeping we've seen in several comments in this thread gives our community a bad rep.
                    Or is it the hypocrisy to only bash AMD for not having a GUI tool, while Intel hasn't either and Nvidia's crap?


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                      Like I told. If it is ones job, it is the job of the de to do it.

                      Website designe are not the job of backend devs, thats the job of the front-end-dev team if any.
                      If one uses a frontend not intended for cklicker ... You are not their customer. Its as simple as that.

                      Thats where the linus distro lack.

                      If my x1250 inside my notebook back then would have given me a desktop with ubuntu, I most likely would still use it.
                      It didn't back in 2006. Therefore, if I use a linux distro, while not bound to M$ 365, you can be 100% confident it won't be a fork of a crappy distro of that continent.
                      And yes as an user, I don't care how the hw support falls into its place.
                      If there is no driver within the software stack, I won't bother and take one which does and never loock back.

                      If you look at Windows, as long as the de ist crap it doesn't matter what the driver stack does.
                      Win 8 was not that bad, but the de was and is still buggy with 10. I stayed with 7.
                      It wasn't the drivers of specific hardware which put me back, the ones intended for Vista(?) or 7 did work just fine ...